Custom Made Chambers

Custom Made Chambers


Monday, February 15, 2016

Before & After Penis Enlargement Photos


Since starting my PE journey with the LG Hanger, I have gained 2 1/4" in erect length and 1 5/8" in erect girth.

It's my opinion based on personal experience that weight hanging yields better results than any extender could provide. I'm not the only only one who believes that. I have three doctors we work with that also agree, which is why they recommend my device over all others. Several moderators on the PE Gym Forum with multiple years of penis enlargement training concur too. -Foldus


  1. How long did it take to get those gaines

  2. how many years did it take to reach your winnings and how did you do the exercises in the morning, afternoon or evening and the time you had with the weights hanging on the penis.

  3. I think the right pic is not fully flacid, but still amazing gains.

  4. I am currently hanging with another system but I am interested in yours. I can hang 15 lbs but it is too uncomfortable so I am interested in yours. With the system I am using I am doing 15 minute increments with 5 min rests in between with a total hanging of 1 hour. I am currently using 11.25 lbs due to the comfort issue. With your system can the workout last for the whole hour or do you recommend breaks and also can your system be used sitting down.

    1. This other product you're using sounds like it's a compression clamp. Which explains why you can only do short sessions.

      The LG Hanger is a vacuum-based system that works much differently than a compression clamp. You could easily do a full hour session with our device. However, you must develop tissue conditioning before you can graduate to the weight you're currently using. You could probably start out at 5 lbs. and slowly over a few months of training work up to the 12-15 lb level. It's like working on a suntan, you don't get a tan in one day by exposing yourself to 8 hours of sun. It's an incremental process. I started with only 3 lbs and it took me three months to graduate up to the 8 lb level. It's essential to allow yourself time to get acclimated to vacuum, which is what holds the weight onto your penis.
      Remember the goal isn't to see how much weight you can hang with, the goal is to achieve fatigue via the stress that is induced by the weight you're using. Check out the blog article I wrote on how to properly define fatigue.
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