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Custom Made Chambers


Tuesday, March 2, 2021

VIDEO: Magnetic Weight Ring Penis Stretcher


Magnetic Weight Ring Penis Stretcher

    Hey, guys. I'm here again to show you another new product from the LG Hanger crew. It's their new weight rings, and this is a ring that weighs 1.5 pounds using magnets to clasp together and stay together as you wear it. It's a good traction device to wear. It's a good alternative to pills that men may need to take for erectile dysfunction. This can help with that through the traction function. This is also a good supplement for guys who are already doing PE type routines, hanging, stretching, all that. It's very good to use afterwards so that you can prevent turtling. That's always a big factor.

    But I'll go ahead and show you how to use this. You'll need a girth band. You can use some compression tape if you'd like, as opposing to this, as an alternative, but I prefer the band because it has these little lips here that will help keep everything in place. Plus the material here will help keep the ring in place, whereas this might not do as well. So this is all the equipment you'll need to put it together, so let's go ahead and get it on.

    Okay. So you want to make sure you're about maybe 30, 50% enlarged. You can use a girth band here to help keep that. You're going to grab your compression tape. Go ahead and put that on. I like to make it nice and tight. This will help prevent edema buildup and just keep better traction as well, as you wear the weight ring. All right. Just make sure it's nice and snug. I also like to wear a ring, you can use a silicone band, just to keep everything tight and remove excess skin.

    Then once you have the band on, I personally like to use another silicone band before I put on the girth band. This helps keep the compression tape on and also give a little bit more traction for when you wear the weight ring. So just like that. All right. Then we put on the girth band, directly on top. All right, like so. Okay. As you see, everything is nice and together. Then from here, we are set for the ring. All right. Just from here, make sure you're in the middle of the girth band and just slip it in. Make sure it's good. And there you go. So now it is clamped down and ready to go. Got a little bit of pressure on the glands here. I like to have that a little bit, just so that the band or the weight ring does not fall off, but it does provide some traction. So now we're hanging.

    So you can wear this for ... Generally, I do about an hour, and then afterwards I take this off, shake it out a little bit, just to make sure the blood flow is good to the glands, and just kind of keep on going. You can go for maybe a couple of hours, as long as you make sure to take a break about every hour in between. As far as wearing and walking around, you can do it around the house, no problem. You can go outside with it, just, this thing is pretty big, so depending on your attire, you may be able to hide it, you might not. Use at your own risk like that, but it is definitely possible.

    Then if you wanted to use two rings, you would just place another girth band in the middle here. And same thing, just put the ring on there, and you're good to go. Now with two rings, you're going to want to take more breaks, maybe around the 30-minute mark, and you probably don't want to do it for too long because a lot of pressure will build on the glands here. So you want to give it a little bit more of a break, but definitely want to work your way up to that as well.

    So that is some of the things that I've noticed with this. This is a great, like I said before, supplement to keep everything nice and elongated. No turtling, so it definitely helps with that. A key thing is, you want to make sure that this band is the right size for your member. The LG team will make sure to get you on the right size. They'll ask you for your fitting, so make sure that's true and accurate. But otherwise, this is a great product and I definitely recommend it. When you're done, very simple, just go ahead and slide it like that, and you're off. All right, guys, happy hanging.

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