Custom Made Chambers

Custom Made Chambers


Friday, December 14, 2018


- Alright, hey everyone. I'm here to show you the clamping method using the LG kit. They sell these on the LG Hanger website, and variety of sizes as far as these blue girth bands, so make sure to check them out, and thank you for providing me a kit. It is definitely worth it. So before we get in, we want to make sure that anybody who tries this has at least six months of dedicated PE training. Don't want to jump into this right off the bat. You're gonna be in a world of hurt if you try to do any of these. You gotta condition yourself, just like any other muscles before you jump to this. These are advanced exercises. Alright, so why clamping? First off, it promotes girth growth throughout the entire shaft and glands. It helps with vascular development, which leads to harder erections. Larger flaccid size. And you can use these girth bands after your session to help keep your flaccid sizes longer. Helps straighten erection curves due to the slight bending and manipulation we will be doing. Obviously, you will be using these girth bands to prevent any skin pinching or unnecessary tension when you use the clamps. If you try to use the clamps by themselves, that is not comfortable. These girth bands really do help in making sure that this feels good and you're working what you need to work and you're not in pain. So as far as when to do these exercises, you can do them after you do a hanging session, which would be best. You can do 'em before, but after is better. Alright, now that we've gone through all of that, let's get straight to it and watch the video.

Anyone who has followed my training with the LG Hanger knows that I designed the system to not only be the most effective penis enlargement device, but also the safest. Prior to the LG Hanger many men opted for compression clamp devices that cut off circulation, caused excessive skin stretch, and had potential negative side effects that caused tissue and nerve damage.

I've always kept an open mind regarding other devices and their effectiveness. I believe pumping has it's place in promoting gains that can be synergistically combined with weight hanging and traditional hand stretches. That being said I'd be amiss if I didn't mention other PE exercises that promote gains. One such exercise device is Clamping.

I would consider Clamping an advanced girth exercise that should not be done by novice PE trainers. I wouldn't recommend anyone with less than a year of training to attempt to clamp.

It requires a significant amount of tissue maturity and conditioning, otherwise you could injure yourself.

Clamping is done while being erect in the 75% - 100% range. I refer to clamping as BFR = blood flow restriction. What you are essentially doing is forcing tissue expansion within the penile anatomy. This is primarily a girth building exercise, and will promote significant vascular development.

If you believe you have the proper amount of tissue maturity and are ready to try clamping, then I suggest the following...

First and foremost have comfortable padding / wrap under the clamp area. I highly recommend our silicon rubber Girth Band. They are soft and pliable and provide a mild amount of compression by itself, it will also prevent the clamp from pinching skin. Install a Girth Band at the base of your erect penis. Apply the clamp and cinch / ratchet down until you feel your penis swell. Only you can determine the appropriate amount of clamp pressure. I suggest starting with the minimum and gradually working up as you become more experienced and determine how you respond. The clamp session should not exceed 5 minutes in length. You can do as many as three clamp sessions all five minutes in length. Between each session take a five minute break and massage / jelq your penis to promote expansion and promote fresh blood flow. Experiment with this a few weeks, as many as three times per week and see how you respond.

Once you've become accustomed to the single clamp, you can try double clamping. Same procedure.... except this time install a second Girth Band at mid-shaft and then the second clamp. Same five minute / three sessions. If done properly this exercise is a really girth builder! The vascular development of veins and capillaries is no less than phenomenal.

Never do clamping prior to hanging. You can however pump after a clamp session.

Best wishes in your PE training - LGHanger

Sunday, November 18, 2018

ARTICLE: Glands Cap for Penis Enlargement

We've had some clients request a cap for hanging and have decided to add one to our ever growing product line of men's male enhancement items. 
It is a one size fits all and is super stretchy. 
The cap measurements are approximately 60 mm or 2.36" long by 22 mm or .866" wide.

The Glands cap is a great addition to the LG Hanger and can be used to help protect the glands while inside the chamber, making it the most comfortable hanging system on the market today.

 Similar to a support stocking, this protector cap exerts a slight pressure on the surface of the skin, reliably preventing side-effects such as swelling of the glans.
The direct link to our Glans Caps:
LG Hanger Glans Cap (click here)

  • Each sleeve is made from 100% medical grade hypoallergenic silicone. 
  • This super soft and stretchy sleeve fits most penis devices. 
  • The universal glands protection sleeve is a very soft silicone sleeve that is most commonly used as a enhancer for vacuum extender/stretcher/hanger/pump sessions. 
  • Sleeves are produced in a controlled vacuum chamber which draws out all of the air bubbles making the sleeve very durable and long lasting. 
  • This super soft and stretchy sleeve can be used while hanging weights or during clamping sessions.

Friday, September 21, 2018

ARTICLE: Peyronies Disease-Curvature of the Penis, what is normal?


A man's erection can point in virtually any direction. Straight ahead, left or right, up or down, there's no right or wrong.

Protractor for measuring angles
There is no such thing as a unique angle.

The following data come from a study that measured the erections of 1,565 men.

In the figure to the right, if the penis pointed directly up, it was measured as 0 degrees, and if it was forward-pointing (horizontal), it would be 90 degrees:

  • 0–30 degrees — 4.9 percent of men
  • 30–60 degrees — 29.6 percent of men
  • 60–85 degrees — 30.9 percent of men
  • 85–95 degrees — 9.9 percent of men
  • 95–120 degrees — 19.8 percent of men
  • 120–180 degrees — 4.9 percent of men

If you've ever been concerned that your chap is a bit skew-whiff, don't worry — you're normal. While we're on the topic of "normality," very few penises are straight.They can curve in any direction. A curve of up to 30 degrees is still considered normal.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Your Chamber is NOT too big

Your chamber is not too big. I always manufacture chambers with room for growth. And as long as the measurements you provided us were accurate your chamber is not the issue. Trouble shooting the problem you're having has a two-fold answer.

#1 - Your sleeve may be too tight, to test to see if that's the issue, wear a two inch portion of your sleeve at the base of your penis for an hour without the chamber. If your penis gets cold, then the sleeve is too tight and you can either stretch your sleeve up over a larger object for 24 hours to stretch it bigger, or you can purchase a larger 1" sleeve.

#2 - You could be using too much vacuum pressure. If you're using any more than 10 Hg's then that's too much. In fact with as little weight as you are using you should be able to use a little as 5 Hg's of pressure. Furthermore it's fine that a little bit of the sleeve gets sucked forward into the mouth of the chamber. That's actually a good indicator that your sleeve and penis skin have a good vacuum seal.

The fact that you took two months off doesn't help with the issues you're experiencing. During the layoff you lost all the tissue conditioning you had achieved. During the conditioning process (which can take several weeks) your penis will start to respond to the traction by expanding during the hang session. Ideally over the course of about 3 months you should start to experience expansion to the point where your penis packs the chamber completely. This doesn't happen in a couple weeks. It's a transitional experience that takes place with consistent, dedicated training.

I believe if you do a sufficient warm up - take a warm or hot shower prior to your hang session, do some moderate jelqs to loosen your flaccid penis and pull some blood into it so that you are at your fullest flaccid state... even slightly erect at about 30-50% this will help your penis circulation. Once you install your chamber you can help the expansion and circulation by priming your chamber 6-8 times. You do this by drawing out 10 - 15 Hg's of pressure, holding it for 5 seconds and releasing the pressure. Repeat this 6-8 times and then on the last prime go up to 10 Hg's and allow your penis some time to expand before you hook up any weight. About 5 minutes should be enough. Then release the pressure, and go up to 5 Hg's of fresh vacuum pressure, disconnect the hose and attach your 3 lbs of weight and do your hang session. Remember to do your 5-10 minutes of aggressive hand stretches / jelqs immediately after your hang session in order to take full advantage of the fatigue you have induced from the hang. Wear a Girth Band at the base of your penis to prevent retraction and keep your flaccid penis full and long.

Monday, September 10, 2018

ARTICLE: Amount of Hg's to use per amount of weight

How many Hg's should I be using per amount of weight?
This is somewhat subjective. It also depends on how much weight you are attempting to hang. For example when I am hanging 8 lbs., I draw out about 3 hg of vacuum pressure and hook the weight up to the chamber, lower it until it is hanging onto my penis all by itself. I take a look at the gauge and it will read about 5 hg, The weight alone primed the pressure up another 2 hg. That is sufficient for me to hang 8 lbs. When I go up to 10 lbs and above, I do the same, except as I allow the weight to hang I draw the desired pressure I need to allow the weight to hang without slipping off, which is about 10 hg. So draw up to 5 hg, allow the weight to hang, it will spike up a couple more hg, and then draw out the remainder up to 10 hg and disconnect hose. Even when I hang up to 17 lbs. I never need more than about 15 hg. of pressure.

Friday, July 20, 2018

VIDEO REVIEW: Cable Weight Stand Set Up

You simply install your LG Hanger onto your penis, find a chair you can comfortably sit in, and position it in such a way that when you are seated you can rest your feet on the base leg (see photos). Once you determine where you want to position stand (this is all dependent on the height of the chair you are sitting in and how tall you are). Then hook your weight onto the cable with the cable clamp, pull the cable up over the roller ring with the groove in it. Holding onto the opposite end of the cable with your hand, sit down and then attach the end of the cable with your double end hook that came in your package to the end of our LG Hanger. You might have to adjust the cable clamp so that the weight doesn't hit the floor.

The exercises that you can do are by changing the angle of pull by raising or lowering the height of the roller. You do this by loosening the red lock handle and lowering or raising the roller. You can also do a "bundle twist" by turning the cable left or right to put a half or full twist onto your penis while you are hanging.