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Monday, July 6, 2015



Blisters are always a negative side effect of trying to go use a weight you are not ready for yet, or trying to wear that weight for too long of a time duration. I recommend you back off on the amount of time or weight being used until you develop more tissue maturity.
A red flag indicator that a blister is developing is an itchy or tingly sensation on the tip of your penis while you are hanging. If you recognize that sensation, then stop your hang session immediately.

If you have a small blister, say the size of a BB, then just take a day off and let it recede. If however the blister is larger, like the size of a pea. Then sterilize a needle and pop it, but do not remove the skin! Disinfect it with some Bentadine, and apply a small dab of anti-biotic ointment like Polysporin or Neosporin. Cover it with a small band aid to prevent it from rubbing against your underwear, and allow it to heal. You should be able to resume hanging in about 3-5 days. Be sure to drop the weight you are using by two or three pounds as you build back up. You can do hand stretching while it heals.
*See our post on Jelqing:

Try using a graduated weight increases as you perform your hang routine to help prevent blisters.

Example... use 3 lbs for 10 minutes, then go to 5 lbs for 10 minutes, then to 8 lbs for 10 minutes, then try 10 lbs for 10 minutes, then the last 10 minutes use your 12 lbs.

Remember it's your goal is to reach tissue fatigue or exhaustion. How much weight or time it takes to achieve that is somewhat intuitive. Remember to do some aggressive hand stretching at the end of your hang session, followed with wearing your girth band to prevent retraction.

You can also try some fulcrum and bundle exercises that don't require as much weight. The Fulcrum is where you hang your penis over a bar or rod that lies across your thighs (see photo). 

A bundle is where you twist your penis 1/2 to a full turn and hang with weight and not allow it to un-twist, and it can be done while using a fulcrum for even more isolated stress. We have a great video on bundle hanging:

Try those things and let me know how things go.