Custom Made Chambers

Custom Made Chambers


Friday, July 20, 2018

VIDEO REVIEW: Cable Weight Stand Set Up

You simply install your LG Hanger onto your penis, find a chair you can comfortably sit in, and position it in such a way that when you are seated you can rest your feet on the base leg (see photos). Once you determine where you want to position stand (this is all dependent on the height of the chair you are sitting in and how tall you are). Then hook your weight onto the cable with the cable clamp, pull the cable up over the roller ring with the groove in it. Holding onto the opposite end of the cable with your hand, sit down and then attach the end of the cable with your double end hook that came in your package to the end of our LG Hanger. You might have to adjust the cable clamp so that the weight doesn't hit the floor. 

The exercises that you can do are by changing the angle of pull by raising or lowering the height of the roller. You do this by loosening the red lock handle and lowering or raising the roller. You can also do a "bundle twist" by turning the cable left or right to put a half or full twist onto your penis while you are hanging.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

VIDEO REVIEW: Dan Salas Hangs a Bowling Ball & Boat Anchor

Dan Salas hangs both a bowling ball and a boat anchor to test the quality and durability of the LG Hanger Penis Enlargement Weight Hanging System. He gives his review in the video Tutorial below.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Wrapping for Circumcised Men

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Wrapping & Hanging

Client demonstrates how he does a circumcised wrap & prep with Girth Bands before hanging with the LG Hanger Weight System for Penis Enlargement. Wrap, Girth Bands, and Weight System can be found on website:   Discount Coupon Code for Weight Systems: KINGSNAKE

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

VIDEO TUTORIAL: V Jelq's for Penis Enlargement

The v-jelq puts more pressure on the sides of the shaft, really working the corpus cavernosa. To perform the v-jelq, make a V with your index and middle finger, with your palm facing toward you, then jelq upward.


1. Massage your penis until it reaches 60-80% erection.
2. Use your right hand to grab base of your penis.
3. Use your left hand and make an "OK" sign with your thumb and index finger and grip tightly around the your penis behind the right hand.
4. Starting from there, slowly pull (milk) towards the penis head.
5. When you reach the penis head, let go with your left hand and start all over again.
6. Perform the exercise for 5 minutes (100 strokes)


To perform the side jelq, begin with a normal jelq with your penis being 75-85% erect. Towards the halfway point of jelqing, simply place your other hand at the base of the penis, helping support it. Curve the jelq movement from side to side. When you reach the glans of the penis, press your palm against it to complete the bending motion.

Sunday, February 4, 2018



What is a Girth Band, and why are they essential to effective penis enlargement?

As all men know your penis fluctuates in size when flaccid. Depending on what you are doing, temperatures and any stress you are experiencing will affect your flaccid size.

Within the penis enlargement community there’s a term often used to describe a small flaccid state, it’s called “turtling”. A metaphor relating to how a turtle pulls its head back into its shell when alarmed or cold. Similarly, your flaccid penis reacts the same way. So how does one prevent that and why is it important to prevent when engaged in a penis enlargement routine?

To prevent “turtling” or the retraction of your flaccid penis you must provide a mild amount of compression at the base of your penis. The LG Girth Band is the perfect solution to the “turtling” reaction.

Men who engage in a penis enlargement training have an ultimate goal to create a longer, fuller erect penis. This requires a significant amount of time and dedication to accomplish.

Anyone who has ever undergone an orthodontic treatment to correct the mis-alignment of their teeth knows that after the teeth are properly aligned a retainer is made and worn to prevent the teeth from moving. Think of the Girth Band as a retainer. While you are growing your penis the Girth Band prevents retraction while your penis heals and recovers from the heavy training sessions. Over time you are training your penis to not “turtle” when flaccid. The recover and growth process are enhanced when your penis stays longer and fuller in the flaccid state.

There are many other applications where the LG Hanger Girth Band is appropriate.

Here are various ways the Girth Band can be used.

#1 – Hand stretching exercises. Use two girth bands to aid in enhancing your grip. Wear one at the base of your penis, another below the glans. This will enable you to get a much better grip while pulling. With one hand at your base grip your penis, using your other dominant hang grab your penis below the glans and pull. The Girth Bands will provide you with a much better grip and help prevent skin chaffing when your pulls become more intense.

#2 – Pumping – wear one at the base of your penis, this will provide a mild amount of compression and help you stay “engorged” to a fuller extent during your pump session, and if you have any issues with “ball suck” it will help prevent that too!

#3 – Clamping – wear a LG Hanger Girth Band under your clamp. They provide a nice cushion and prevent any skin pinch from the clamp. For more advanced clamping exercises you can use two Girth Bands. One with your base clamp and another with your mid-shaft clamp.

#4 – Sex – similar to a cock ring the LG Hanger Girth Band can be used like a cock ring during sex. Since it has a couple of ¼” ribs, one at each end it can provide some additional pleasure for your partner. Think of those ribs like a couple “speed bumps”.

Anyone who is serious about Penis Enlargement will benefit from using and wearing the LG Hanger Girth Band. One can ever be worn while sleeping to prevent retraction. If you’ve ever been embarrassed to walk around the men’s locker room naked or have had issues with a shy penis when standing at the urinal next to other men, no longer do you need to be embarrassed! Over time with a consistent training program and the use of the LG Hanger Girth Band your flaccid penis will hang like down like a small elephant trunk!

The LG Hanger Girth Band comes in four varied sizes, all are measured from the internal diameter. The four sizes start at:

.875 (7/8”)
1.000 (1”)
1.125 (1 1/8”)
1.250 (1 ¼”).

A general guide line for choosing the appropriate size is to measure your ERECT penis at the base.

3” – 4” would use a .875 (7/8”)
4” – 5” would use a 1.000 (1”)
5” – 6” would use a 1.125 (1 1/8”)
6” + would use a 1.250 (1 ¼”)

Of course, if you are right at the in-between size I recommend going to the lesser size, as you want the Girth Band to provide a decent amount of compression, but not to the point where your penis gets cold. And if you choose a size that feels a little too snug you can always stretch your Girth Band over a larger object for 24 hours to loosen it up a bit.



We often get questions about what size silicon sleeve would be appropriate for my penis size.
-Our Sleeves come in three different sizes, and all diameter sizes are measured from the internal
diameter. They are - .875" or 7/8", 1.0" or 1", 1.125" or 1 1/8"  and all are 8" long.
-The Girth Bands come in four different sizes and are also measured from the internal diameter.  They are-.875" or 7/8", 1.0", 1.125" or 1 1/8", and 1.25" or 1 1/4".

Generally speaking the size of your erect penis girth will determine the best size sleeve for you.
The circumference girth measurement or the diameter around your penis below the glans is
where I suggest the measurement be taken. The silicon sleeves are very pliable and will stretch
significantly without tearing! I have been able to take all three sizes of  sleeve's and easily stretch them over a baseball with no difficulty.
 Here is a basic fit guideline - If your girth circumference is 3.5" - 4.5" then a .875" or 7/8" sleeve
would be recommended.
If you are over 4.5" - 5.5" then a 1.0" sleeve would be appropriate.
If you are 5.5" or larger in girth circumference then a 1.125" or 1 1/8" sleeve would be best.
Of course this is just a suggested guideline, if you fall in the middle of a sleeve size, I always
recommend the smaller sleeve, as it is better to be a little more snug than too loose. As you can
always stretch a smaller sleeve larger by stretching it over a larger object for 24 - 48 hours to
loosen it up for a more comfortable fit.
One our larger guys has a 7.5" girth circumference.
His 1.125" sleeve felt a little too tight, so I suggested he stretch his sleeve out larger. He decided
to purchase a couple new sleeves and asked if I would stretch them oversized for him, so I rolled
the sleeves up and stretched them up over a baseball bat barrel for 48 hours and they loosened
up to fit him perfectly.
How your sleeve fits you is obviously a matter of preference. So you may want to experiment
with a couple different sizes. Guys who use our sleeve for pumping tell me they use one that is
looser for that application than they do for the weight hanging. So it's really up to you the kind
of feel you want.

Dr. Wayne J. G. Hellstrom- LG Hanger Weight Traction after surgery

"I tend to prefer penile traction devises over penile pumps, in that they result in less penile discomfort and permit longer sustained duration of use."

"For patients treated with plication or incision/grafting procedures, I usually start them on a combination of nightly phosphodiesterase inhibitors and penile traction therapy for a few months."-Dr. Wayne J.G. Hellstrom

Dr. Wayne J. G. Hellstrom has been awarded many honors in the field of Urology.
He has served as president of the Sexual Medical Society of North America, committee chair of the International Society of Sexual Medicine (ISSM), president-elect of the American Society of Andrology, associate editor for The Journal of Sexual Medicine and specialty editor for the Journal of  Urology.
Full article can be viewed at:

Friday, January 5, 2018

FATIGUE: What does it mean to Reach Fatigue in Penis Enlargement

"Fatigue" doesn't always accompany soreness. It's more of a state of condition than a feel. Although you can have symptoms of soreness, but that depends on the level of your training, and the plateaus that you reach.

If you base everything on the feel you get from ligament soreness then you have not properly defined "fatigue". Obviously as you progress into heavier more intense training you can feel the following symptoms......

#1 - Soreness at the base of your penis, since your ligament is attached to your pubic bone you should feel it more internally behind the fat pad.

#2 - Mild tenderness within your penis shaft. I wouldn't classify this as soreness, but more like muscle or tissue awareness. Meaning if you massage or squeeze your penis you should feel like it's been used or worked.

#3 - Soreness in you sphincter muscle. Occasionally as you graduate to heavier weight the initial sessions can manifest a soreness in your sphincter muscle. This means your body is reacting to the stress of the workload and tensing up. This is where you really need to learn to relax that pelvic floor muscle, and feel that stretch to it's fullest.

#4 - A very loose and pliable flaccid penis. This is the condition you should experience after a good hang session. It's also the time to take full advantage of this "fatigue" and do 10 - 15 minutes of very aggressive hand stretches. The hang work is what facilitates the "fatigue" and it's where you'll be able to stretch, twist and bend your penis beyond what you can normally do prior to a weight hanging session. It's in this condition that you probably wouldn't be able to achieve a 100% hard erection. This is FATIGUE!

It's my experienced that erect length gains come from flaccid length gains. Your penis can be stretched to greater lengths while flaccid than while erect.
You'll never hear anyone say that they have a 7" flaccid penis, but only a 6" erection. Over time the difference between your flaccid length and erect length will become less. For me if I had to put a percentage on it, it would be approximately 30%

If you are looking to target the ligament stretch more intensely without going to heavier weight, then use a Fulcrum bar as close to the base area as possible, all the way up to the point where you have to push your testicles backwards. Only do not exceed 15 minutes of Fulcrum hanging, as it will cut off circulation to a point. You can do sets of Fulcrums in between SD hanging.