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Custom Made Chambers


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How Fast Should I be Increasing Weights Increments?

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I vaguely remember reading a while ago that if you add too much weight too fast that would make the penis adapt by hardening up, thus making me add more weight to "feel it" more, then causing my penis to adapt even more, and become even stronger, and making it less and less able to stretch for the purpose of PE. I can't remember exactly where I read it.

But what do you think about this? If you go too heavy too fast, does the penis adapt and become harder to enlarge? I've started hanging about 3 weeks ago at 4 lbs, and starting today I'm at 8 lbs, doing two to three 45-minute sets a day.

I feel like I could even go to 9 pounds pretty soon. Should I? Or is that thing about the penis adapting and becoming tougher and harder to enlarge, true?
I've always recommended slow steady increases in weight and time. You can not make dramatic jumps from a light weight to a much heavier weight without negative side effects (primarily a blister). 
It's very important to allow your penis time to develop tissue maturity via the conditioning process. I have said this countless times.... it took me three full months to go from 3 lbs to 8 lbs. 

If you feel you can do more weight then that decision is up to you. Weight hanging is an intuitive process, you're learning what type of work load your penis can handle and more importantly what it requires to reach fatigue. 

The theoretical assumption that going too heavy too fast can make your penis stronger and cause it to prematurely adapt to the work load and inhibit gains is purely speculative. It might have some merit, but nobody knows for certain if that is true. If they can say this without any reservation, I would ask how can you prove it?

As for how much weight you feel you can hang with at this time, is a decision only you can make. It's all based on how you feel and respond. You will eventually get to a place where you cannot go any heavier. So to me it only makes logical sense to make gradual increases and focus on achieving fatigue and learning how to relax your pelvic floor muscle while you are under traction.


Monday, May 8, 2017

How to Pay with CREDIT or DEBIT Card

Step (1) Click on the items you need, add them to your cart, then click on "CHECKOUT" in the top right hand corner.
Step (2) Click on "PROCEED TO PAYPAL" in the bottom right hand corner.
Even though you will be using a credit/debit card to pay, your transaction will be processed through PayPal.
Step (4) Fill out your credit card information, then scroll to the bottom of the page

Step (5) Click on "PAY NOW"

Clients WIFE writes Thank you Letter!

We've received many thank you emails from male clients and doctors but this is the first time we have ever received a handwritten thank you note letter from a clients wife! This makes us feel so good about what we do! Heather you are awesome!

Friday, May 5, 2017

SLIPPAGE: Why it happens & what to do

SLIPPAGE: Why it happens & what to do

Slippage can be an issue when clients are still in the infancy stage of the hanging process. As a client gains more experience and tissue maturity/conditioning the penis will respond differently. The penis slowly make a transition into a place where it remains fuller all the time and when beginning a hang session clients find that within about 10 minutes or less the penis will begin to expand and fill the chamber.

What is being experienced now is that the penis is getting thinner while being stretched, and hasn’t really been experiencing the expansion that will come with it. So as a client hangs his penis becomes a little thinner, which compromises the seal between the silicon sleeve and the penis skin. What happens is the client slowly lose a little bit of vacuum, and considering the volume of space inside the chamber, 10 Hg's is a tiny puff of air.

We pressure test each and every chamber system prior to shipping to ensure that vacuum integrity is established. I can say with 100% complete certainty that it's not your chamber leaking vacuum that is causing any slippage you might experience. The one exception would be is if you dropped or damaged your chamber in some way that broke the pneumatic fitting on the chamber. Any slippage you experience is always the result of a compromised seal between the silicon rubber sleeve on your chamber and you penis skin.

*If you are slipping a little within the first 15-20 minutes, just stop, remove chamber, jelq a little blood into your penis and make sure your glans protection wrap is secured, then re-load into the chamber and draw fresh vacuum. You can try doing a few "prime" pumps to help pull blood into your penis and make your penis expand inside the chamber.

Do this.... get into the chamber, draw out 10 - 15 Hg of vacuum pressure (if you've never done this start with 10 Hg and assess your tolerance). Hold the pressure for 10 seconds and release, then repeat this 3 or 4 times. It actually feels very pleasurable to feel the blood fill and expand your penis. After you achieve some expansion, disconnect hose and attach weight and begin your hang!

If you start to experience slip after 15 - 20 minutes, then start over again. Remember we are trying to stress the entire penile anatomy and fatigue it. So it really doesn't matter how many shorter sets it takes. If you can go a full hour without experiencing any slipping then you're really on you way to seeing a metamorphosis of your penis