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Custom Made Chambers


Saturday, June 2, 2018

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Circumcised Men Wrapping Method


DiscoStick Demo Wrap Prep Blue Tape

Hey everyone this is just a quick wrapping video per the LG manual. So first thing is you'll want to make sure you have your girth band on, I like to double mine up to keep the pressure. And then you'll take your tape, and you'll start about an inch below, you'll make your way around, make sure it's all nice and smooth. I'm gonna wrap up towards the top having a little bit hang off. And just kinda squeeze it together at the end there. Squeeze it, and then fold it under, so it all sticks together, so you might wanna hold that for a little bit. Hold down here, kinda squeeze everything in. You don't wanna squeeze too tight, just enough for everything to stick.

Just keep on holding. So it seems pretty good. Let's just wrap down, and you can hold that if it's not staying, and then put that in your hanger, and fold down the silicone. And you are ready to go.

So I hope that helps some of the technique as far as hanging with an LG hanger, and your wrap technique. I am circumcised obviously so, you'll want to check the manual for the uncircumcised option.
DiscoStick Demo Wrap Prep Beige Tape (personal preference)

- Alright, so the first thing you wanna do is get about 80 to 90% hard. I do this with the two girth bands and I'll show you how those come into play in just a second. And then we're gonna go ahead and do a wrap, just about half an inch below the glans. Just make sure it's nice and tight. Wrap it all around. Nice little opening there. And then we'll just hold this down, just try to get a full grip if possible, then just kinda squeeze and squeeze 'em together. That helps tighten it up. Make sure it's nice and secure. Not too tight, don't wanna hurt yourself. 
Alright, so we still got that little opening, so I have this band here. Another piece, and just wrap it across like so. Then you hold that in place, make sure everything stuck together. Give it just kind of a pulsing motion to keep it all good. That should be okay. Looks like everything's good. Still need to put our LG Hanger on there to get it wrapped up. Now, I just gotta pull down and just kinda slide it all the way across. Okay, pull out any kinks. Then we're gonna roll this back. 
Make sure it's nice and tight. Check the inside, everything looks good. Still together. Then we're gonna pull this first band up by the head and then we're gonna pull the bottom one around at the bottom, and that gives me a pretty nice tight fit for my hangs. Serves me well so far. So now, we're ready to pump and we're ready to hang. Hope you enjoyed.

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