Custom Made Chambers

Custom Made Chambers


Monday, February 15, 2016

Before & After Penis Enlargement Photos


Since starting my PE journey with the LG Hanger, I have gained 2 1/4" in erect length and 1 5/8" in erect girth.

It's my opinion based on personal experience that weight hanging yields better results than any extender could provide. I'm not the only only one who believes that. I have three doctors we work with that also agree, which is why they recommend my device over all others. Several moderators on the PE Gym Forum with multiple years of penis enlargement training concur too. -Foldus

Q & A - LG Hanger Penis Enlargement Vacuum Hanger

As an uncut man,is it be best to have the chamber over the foreskin and glands or with the foreskin pulled fully back, which for me is not a problem?
LGH REPLY: It's a matter of preference. Some uncut men prefer to pull their foreskin back, then apply the glans protection wrap and then the chamber. Others like my associate Dr. Richard Howard (who is uncircumcised) prefers to pull the foreskin forward, over the glans and then wrap. If you decide to use that method I need to allow a little more room in your chamber manufacturing. There is no right or wrong way, you can experiment with both and see which feels better to you.

Do you have to put the system on with an erection or with the penis in a flaccid state?
LGH REPLY: You do not hang weight with an erection. What is ideal is that you warm your penis up. This is accomplished with some mild hand stretches and jelqs to get your penis full while flaccid. You then install your "girth band" at the base of your penis to help keep it in it's maximum flaccid state, then the glans protection wrap, then your chamber.

My penis is a little under 6" long and about 5" in girth. Realistically with your system what kind of results could I achieve if I used the system on a daily basis?
LGH REPLY: Everyone is different. There are just too many variables to take into consideration. Primarily your level of dedication is the biggest factor. Too often guys have unrealistic expectations and start off like gang busters, go a couple months and don't achieve what they expected, and then give up. Penis enlargement is not a sprint! It's a marathon! For those who are motivated and dedicated the gains will manifest themselves. It took me 3 years to gain 2 1/4" in erect length, and 1 3/4" in erect girth.
Genetics and how strong / thick your suspensory ligament are also factors. Most men have very strong ligaments.

Dr. Richard Howard has a fairly accurate formula for potential gains calculations. It is this.... you can potentially gain 50% of your current erect length. So if you're 6" long now, 50% of that is 3". This could take several years of training. I started out at 5 3/8" and now I am 7 5/8".
See my before and after photo attached.

I've never properly tried pe before but I am very serious in trying to achieve substantial gains of over an inch in length and over .5 inch in girth.
LGH REPLY: Your goal is very reasonable and achievable!