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Custom Made Chambers


Friday, December 14, 2018



In this video I'll be taking you through how to clamp. Plus I'll also take you through a few variations of exercises while doing the clamp. Now the client is an amazing way that could just about replace a penis pump and it even has less side effects of unwanted swelling around the glands and the loose skin even if you are uncircumcised. Now clamping does have its drawbacks including limiting blood flow that could potentially be dangerous which is why my one rule of thumb is always check, listen to your penis, and take it off to restore blood flow.

It doesn't mean that you're going to lose out on any benefits. It essentially means you're getting new, fresh blood into the penis. Plus you can also go back to some stretches, some clampless jelqs or other exercises to continually stress the penis in a good way and then you can chuck it back on. So think of it like interval training with sets of clamping. So, I'll get into the basic clamp and I'll also get into different variations of exercises that you can do successfully and effectively but hopefully safely with the clamp. Let's jump into it.

All right guys. To start off with your clamps I definitely advise getting the LG Hanger girth band or some kind of sleeve just to protect the skin as you place the clamp on. So first things first we're actually going to get ourselves to at least 80% erect. I'm going to place the girth band over. Now this is also going to assist you to keep that erection even in between the sets as you take the clamp off. Now that is obviously going to be necessary. Like I mentioned guys try to think of this as like intervals because you will be limiting the blood flow so much that you'll need to bring it back again or bring your penis essentially back to life to make sure that you're not doing any damage.

So once you've got the LG Hanger girth band right to the base or any kind of sleeve we're just going to get the clamp ready, going to open it up. Now it's essentially just going to go on as simple as this guys. Now what I'd like to do is just get it ready not completely closed so you're still allowing blood to come in, even perform a few jugs. Now as you get to just about a hundred percent guys, I'm probably pretty close to 100% there. What I'm going to do is close off the clamp and you will notice I get a tremendous amount of pressure build up. So I'm on the last clamp there and that's essentially going to help me stay quite erect.

Now it's obviously going to limit the amount, I've got maybe about another centimeter or two back here. So try to get the clamp and the sleeve as far back as you possibly can. Now from here guys you can either leave it if you feel like there is a moderate amount of pressure or enough to actually cause that stress for not only girth but even length gains. Then you could even just set the timer, for what I'd recommend always five minutes. It does not take long at all guys to quickly take it off, restore that that blood flow with a few jugs and then hit it back up again by clamping back on.

Now from here guys if you don't think the pressure is enough, if you're not necessarily feeling it too much and you think that it is safe because of your conditioning and experience with clamping or even this kind of pressure intensity then you could even go into a Uli . So these are the different variations I'll go through guys. So you've got the Uli so you can even add a bit more pressure to the bottom. As soon as you apply that forefinger and thumb that is obviously going to apply a lot more pressure throughout the rest of the penis but especially the glands as well. Now this is where the two handed Uli comes in really well so you can even take that fore finger and thumb off, apply the pressure first so that the pressure actually goes back down to the shaft and stops right at where the clamp is.

Now you've got all this pressure building up throughout the middle of the shaft really pushing on that  and expanding the penis for more girth. Then if you don't think the pressure is still enough you can always apply that second hand again. Now from here I even think that first hand is just enough. I'm even going to hold that. You don't even change up the sides that you are actually feeling that pressure so from right to left or top to bottom you can actually simply push to the side that you want to be stretched. So right now I'm getting a nice big stretch around here from the other side. And please take this into consideration guys, you are at full erection. I'm not saying bend your penis 90 degrees I'm literally just tweaking it just a tiny amount so that pressure builds up.

If you feel like there's too much of a bend what I'd recommend is placing more pressure throughout the mid shaft and then just applying a little bit of pressure to the side. From there even just pushing it with my thumb I'm getting all that pressure through this side. I can even do it to the top. Pushing from the bottom. You feel that tremendous amount of pressure throughout the top side of my penis and through the bottom as well. If I'm pushing on the top I'm feeling it through the bottom.

Now obviously from here as well guys you can go into a jog so just take it easy with this one as well because you are transferring all that pressure closer to the glands. And that's essentially just go through all the variations that we've already gone over and you can literally just use the clamp to assist with a lot more pressure within the corpus cavernosum obviously yielding greater results only if you're up to that kind of experience level. Holding the top of the penis nice and lightly taking all that pressure away from the glands as well and pulling back down.

I'm going to keep the clamp on just past what I think I should keep it on just so I can actually show you what happens to the glands. You can actually see it slightly changing color now which is a few purple spots coming up. This is the point where I'm going to take it off but just so you know what to pay attention to I'm going to give you one more exercise and by that time I reckon it'll turn to a particular color that I do not want you guys to reach. I'm literally just doing this for the sake of the video.

The last one guys is going to be the mushroom tip maker. Now you're obviously going to keep that pressure built up and you're just going for pretty much a full hand squeeze just like the mushroom maker. All right. So, it's not only I feel increases the pressure throughout the shaft as well but it's obviously also definitely going to transfer up to the glands. Now, whether or not you do that just with a normal jog and then squeeze now I feel that all throughout the glands or if you just go straight to a full hold squeeze I can really feel the coronal ridge just bursting out there. Not in a bad way, but I can just feel how hard the coronal ridge is and that's a good sign that there is enough pressure that is going to hopefully cause enough stress or that penis fills up with just the right amount of blood.

All right guys. So, as you can see just through head is more purple marks coming up and throughout the side so it's gone from a pink and nice healthy color to a little bit darker. Now this is the point that I do not want you guys to get to. Now I've gone over the time that I'd recommend actually clamping for. I have cut the video just a little bit so it may not seem like a whole five minutes however this is the time I would definitely take it off and it is so easy to take off guys like real quick, pop that away. You can leave the band on because it's not causing as much pressure as the clamp and then just go back into some relatively fast jogs. If you don't want the band you can slip that off and then really try to get that color back again with some nice fast jogs.

I do find that doing jogs a little bit faster increases that blood flow a little more. Doing them a little bit too slow it could just let that blood come out a little too fast. So as much as you don't necessarily want to increase the pressure we just want to really get that blood to the head and throughout the shaft to make sure that we're not actually causing any damage that we don't want. All the best guys, I really hope you enjoy the video guys. And as always be the man you know you can be. I'll see you in the next video


- Alright, hey everyone. I'm here to show you the clamping method using the LG kit. They sell these on the LG Hanger website, and variety of sizes as far as these blue girth bands, so make sure to check them out, and thank you for providing me a kit. It is definitely worth it. So before we get in, we want to make sure that anybody who tries this has at least six months of dedicated PE training. Don't want to jump into this right off the bat. You're gonna be in a world of hurt if you try to do any of these. You gotta condition yourself, just like any other muscles before you jump to this. These are advanced exercises. Alright, so why clamping? First off, it promotes girth growth throughout the entire shaft and glands. It helps with vascular development, which leads to harder erections. Larger flaccid size. And you can use these girth bands after your session to help keep your flaccid sizes longer. Helps straighten erection curves due to the slight bending and manipulation we will be doing. Obviously, you will be using these girth bands to prevent any skin pinching or unnecessary tension when you use the clamps. If you try to use the clamps by themselves, that is not comfortable. These girth bands really do help in making sure that this feels good and you're working what you need to work and you're not in pain. So as far as when to do these exercises, you can do them after you do a hanging session, which would be best. You can do 'em before, but after is better. Alright, now that we've gone through all of that, let's get straight to it and watch the video.

Anyone who has followed my training with the LG Hanger knows that I designed the system to not only be the most effective penis enlargement device, but also the safest. Prior to the LG Hanger many men opted for compression clamp devices that cut off circulation, caused excessive skin stretch, and had potential negative side effects that caused tissue and nerve damage.

I've always kept an open mind regarding other devices and their effectiveness. I believe pumping has it's place in promoting gains that can be synergistically combined with weight hanging and traditional hand stretches. That being said I'd be amiss if I didn't mention other PE exercises that promote gains. One such exercise device is Clamping.

I would consider Clamping an advanced girth exercise that should not be done by novice PE trainers. I wouldn't recommend anyone with less than a year of training to attempt to clamp.

It requires a significant amount of tissue maturity and conditioning, otherwise you could injure yourself.

Clamping is done while being erect in the 75% - 100% range. I refer to clamping as BFR = blood flow restriction. What you are essentially doing is forcing tissue expansion within the penile anatomy. This is primarily a girth building exercise, and will promote significant vascular development.

If you believe you have the proper amount of tissue maturity and are ready to try clamping, then I suggest the following...

First and foremost have comfortable padding / wrap under the clamp area. I highly recommend our silicon rubber Girth Band. They are soft and pliable and provide a mild amount of compression by itself, it will also prevent the clamp from pinching skin. Install a Girth Band at the base of your erect penis. Apply the clamp and cinch / ratchet down until you feel your penis swell. Only you can determine the appropriate amount of clamp pressure. I suggest starting with the minimum and gradually working up as you become more experienced and determine how you respond. The clamp session should not exceed 5 minutes in length. You can do as many as three clamp sessions all five minutes in length. Between each session take a five minute break and massage / jelq your penis to promote expansion and promote fresh blood flow. Experiment with this a few weeks, as many as three times per week and see how you respond.

Once you've become accustomed to the single clamp, you can try double clamping. Same procedure.... except this time install a second Girth Band at mid-shaft and then the second clamp. Same five minute / three sessions. If done properly this exercise is a really girth builder! The vascular development of veins and capillaries is no less than phenomenal.

Never do clamping prior to hanging. You can however pump after a clamp session.

Best wishes in your PE training - LGHanger