Custom Made Chambers

Custom Made Chambers


Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Chamber & System: Putting on and Removing

 How to Put on and Remove your Chamber

We’re gonna install our LG Hanger Chamber.

First thing your gonna wanna do is take your rubber sleeve and get it, stretch it, and roll it up over the mouth of the chamber to expose the mouth chamber.

So it’s a new sleeve, so it’s a little stiff

That’s how you do, so roll it up over your mouth of your chamber, so the chamber mouth is fully exposed.

Now we’re gonna install our chamber and I’m assuming everybody’s done their warm-up up, you know you got your glans protection wrap on, done some jelqing or are you heat lamp, or a warm shower.

 So your flaccid is fairly full as you can see here, there’s no skin wrinkles, um you can even say your slightly aroused maybe twenty, thirty percent, something like that. Ok now, we

showed you how to roll back the rubber of your chamber, now were gonna install the chamber, so

I use a Girth Band or section of sleeve. For demonstration purposes I’ll just use a section of sleeve cause I know not all you guys are buying Girth Bands, but, I recommend the Girth Band they’re a little bit better, but anyways,

So you’ve got your penis a little bit firm, you go ahead and insert your penis all the way, into the bottom of the chamber, see that. Then begin to roll the rubber sleeve back up over your penis, so see how I did that?

Now you got a little vacuum in there just because the sleeves tight on your skin, so roll that rubber back.

And you know I pretty much personalized my sleeve. I know how long I like it based on the length of my flaccid penis.

So there you are. Your sleeve is installed.

 I’m going to show you how to draw a vacuum out of your chamber.

So, take your… Plug it in, um mines a little off zero cause I dropped it but, imma show you a little trick, draw some vacuum out, about there, hold it for a few seconds,

1,2,3,4,5, release it, do it again.

Uh you see how my penis, glans is packing and filling the chamber? When I do that?

So imma release the pressure, imma do it a couple more times.

This is what’s called priming your chamber. Your getting your penis ready to hang the weight.

You know I’m a little over ten, based on my zeros not all the way to the bottom, but, so I’m about ten there, there you go, now I’m just going to release the pressure.

You can see the sleeve is tight. I’ve got a really good seal here, I can pull on that, its pretty difficult, hard I mean, and you can see.

Ok now here’s eight pounds of weight. I’m going to attach this to the end and then slowly lower it see.

See, there you go.

Alright, were going to remove the weight and remove the chamber now. You been hanging now for, whatever, uh, forty five minutes, and hour, whatever you know. So now, just take the weight and take it off the chamber.

Then, to remove the chamber, you just want to lose vacuum seal so, you find the end of your rubber, take a couple fingers, start pulling it down and there you go.