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Monday, December 28, 2015

MAIR Mechaically Activated Involuntary Reflex Exercises

The Breakdown of Mechanically Activated Involuntary Reflex (MAIR) Exercises
By Adrian Caruso

When I first started looking into how to grow my penis, I started with the beginner exercises that all men do: Stretching and jelqing

What is Jelqing? How to Jelq to a Bigger & Harder Penis-Link below:

What is Jelqing? How to Jelq to a Bigger & Harder Penis ...

The jelq is the backbone of every other penis enlargement exercise floating around on the Internet. If your goal is to improve the size and hardness of your penis ...

While these two exercises were well known and effective, I really hated how i hardly knew anything about the mechanics of WHY they worked. After using these two proven techniques for a time, I decided to delve deeper into the pool of known exercises. It was while I began to look at other exercises that I began to bump into physical therapy techniques and bodybuilding principles--two areas that at the time when I first started, I had barely explored. I have always been a prodding and curious sort of person, so I naturally began to explore these two new areas of information. It did not take long for a certain passion to begin to develop in me for all things anatomy. Years passed and my once humble body of knowledge began to grow quite large. I found myself focusing on three areas: Collagen formation, growth, re-modulation, and breakdown; Blood Vessel growth, formation, re-modulation, and maintenance; Effects of Mechanical Stimuli on Cells including growth, apoptosis, and adaptation that includes changes in multiple localized tissues. Separately, these three fields of research were fascinating--but together they had immediate potential. I knew that if I could connect these three fields in a united endeavor, it would be a step towards ground breaking change in the Penis Growth Communities. My first steps, which were threads I had posted on these forums were in the right area, but they were far from accurate enough for my tastes. It took another year or so for me to finally make the right connections. In my studies concerning the vascular system I decided to dig a bit deeper into what exactly "involuntary" meant. It took a while for my studies to get down deep enough to actually look at how exactly a smooth muscle is made. I have attached a picture to this file that I have pulled off of Google to shed light on the systems I will shortly discuss.

Please note the gap junctions: These gap junctions are the primary means that internal smooth muscle structures communicate with various systems outside of the cell in order to allow for trans-tissue and trans-systemal corporation. The primary system that smooth muscles must be able to communicate with and respond to is the heart. While yes, all organs have smooth muscles in them and respond to bioelectrical and biochemical signals, I always found the connection to the heart and humble smooth muscle to be something special. You see, the heart beats at various speeds in a minute depending on the person, but all the same, the amount typical would not be something that a voluntary or highly complicated system could respond to in a timely manner, or correctly for that matter, such as propagating a heartbeat throughout the whole of the vascular system--without simple underpinnings. When I first had this thought, I almost thought I was foolish for it...Almost. Because the whole of the cardiovascular system is comprised of hundreds of individual structures, chemical and bioelectrical signaling, and various mechanisms making it rather complicated--its most prominent feature must be something simplistic and practically fool proof in its design to ensure everything runs smoothly. This fool proof design I speak of is the Bayliss Effect Mechanism. The following is a diagram of what happens inside of a smooth muscle when a stretching force acts upon it:

 Please note the middle line of the diagram then refer to the next image:

Please note the CA2+ molecule floating on the other side of the phospho-lipid bilayer. The smooth muscle uses this little molecule to contract by connecting to its internal contractile mechanisms shown below. However, before it can get there the closed channels must be opened. It is this dilemma which gave rise to the incredibly simplistic solution that is the Bayliss Effect Mechanism. When a smooth muscle reaches a certain level of stretch, and potentially at a certain speed as well, it causes these channels--also known as gap junctions--to open up allowing calcium to flood the inside of the smooth muscle which elicits a contraction right when its needed--during the stretch. Once the contraction occurs, the calcium is removed from the cell via a slightly slower internal mechanism. It is this slower mechanism that could be comparable to those in skeletal muscle which are responsible for long term adaptation. I say this due to a chain of events around this simple action which leads to increased activity in the nucleus of smooth muscles indicative of only one thing--the beginnings of cellular hypertrophy and subsequent hyperplasia.

Now, keeping in mind everything I have said thus far, I believed it would be safe to say that with a certain type of external stimuli I should be able to elicit a contraction from the smooth muscles--and therefore exercise the muscles. While yes, I would not be able to consciously flex my smooth muscles (or could I?--more in my book!) I should still be able to consciously act upon them with other means at my disposal such as my hands. It was from here that I ran into a spot of trouble. While yes, I now knew my penis smooth muscles could be exercised and therefore made to Tunica was still an obstacle, or was it? The following picture is a very accurate representation of what the male sex organs look like if it were removed from the body intact:

Now, in the PE community everybody has heard the comparison of a penis to a balloon. In light of my research I would like the PE community to take this comparison quite literally. Much like a balloon which is able to expand and contract based on internal pressures, so too is the penis. I understand that everybody already knows this, but what I now want to point out is that the smooth muscles in the penis are meant to be exercised in much the same way that a balloon expands and contracts. The penis was designed with this dynamic in mind, but it was also designed to withstand the forces placed against it such as occurs during sex. I say all of this to say, that while yes the tunica layers of the penis are thick, they are far from intractable should the proper stimuli be applied to them. I have designed two exercises to apply that crucial and all too specific "stimuli". They are called The M.A.I.R Techniques.

M.A.I.R Technique #1 : While your penis is in a flaccid but "chubbed" state such as it might be at 25-40% hardness take hold of your penis just under the glans and then proceed to wrap it around your other arm's wrist. To further explain, if you have grasped your penis with your right hand, proceed to bend it over the inward facing side of your left wrist and wrap it around your wrist so that you penis head is facing to the left or down and to the left if you are larger such as myself. Likewise do oppositely when grasping your penis just below the glans with your left hand. Now, while grasping your penis just below the glans and keeping it wrapped around your wrist, proceed to pull up and to the left or the right depending on your grip(gripping with right hand go to the left. gripping with left go to the right). Feel the stretch occurring in the cavernosal tubes of the penis. Specifically feel how the stretch occurs in one side more than the other due to how the technique is implemented. Now, proceed to relax your pull by returning to your beginning position in the opposite manner (e.g.-like you would when curling a weight. Whatever action taken do oppositely) and feel the tension leave your penis' smooth muscles. Begin to stretch and relax in the manner described for a total of twenty-five times per side. A completion of the reps requirement per side constitutes a set. Keep the speed of a completed rep (e.g.-placing a stretch on the penis tissues then returning to the relaxed position) between 1.0 and .05 Hertz (or 1-2 seconds). This exercise works the smooth muscles of the penis and tunica, but places stress specifically on the longitudinal fibers of the respective tunicas. However, it also seems to have the spillover effect of modestly increasing girth. This exercise is to be done first in the M.A.I.R Workout due to the expansive actions of the second M.A.I.R Technique which takes advantage of the temporary increase in tissue elasticity brought about by technique #1 in order to bring about a temporary measurable gain in erect dimensions in both length and girth.

M.A.I.R Technique #2: This technique takes advantage of the increased circulation brought about by technique #1. While your penis is in its normally erect size, begin to wrap two fingers around the base of your penis shaft. Proceed to place a slight pressure to trap blood in the penis. While applying this slight pressure proceed to perform a Kegel followed immediately by clamping down with your two fingers in order to trap the freshly Kegelled blood in your penis. Note the increase in penile hardness, indicative of an increase in internal cavernosal pressure. Now, proceed to perform the following actions in the order listed:

The following counts as one repetition.
1. Lighten the grip of your two fingers slightly.
2. Kegel blood into your penis.
3. Clamp down with your two fingers to trap the freshly Kegelled blood.
4. Squeeze your shaft with your two fingers until a pleasurable feeling of fullness/stretch is felt. This should not be an extreme or otherwise drastic increase in pressure. Pleasure is key for both the effectiveness and safety of the penile tissues.

The above mentioned actions should be done in rapid succession in order to increase the inter-cavernosal pressure with each subsequent repetition. Unlike the first M.A.I.R Technique I am not able to provide as narrow of a range. Try to keep each repetition between the range of .3 to .25 Hertz (or 3-4 seconds). Perform twenty-five repetitions per set.

In order to gain using the two techniques, it is advised to do these two exclusively. These techniques are literal exercises for the smooth muscle and are therefore quite intense. Also, these exercises should never be performed daily as it would lead to severe penile damage over time. These exercises require adequate rest periods in order for full effectiveness to occur. The following should be considered a minimal time period for rest: If working out Monday, exercise should not resume until Thursday; subsequently following after Thursday exercise should not resume until Sunday, likewise so forth.

An effective workout would consist of three to four sets of each exercise in one session, with #1 occurring before #2 as previously stated. After one month of training, it may be advisable to move up to four to five sets per session, but not more than that would be advisable unless the amount of erections per day exceed six with each having an individual duration of at least twenty minutes. These erections should be natural and not forced through stroking or other external stimuli such as pornography, but regular fantasy or erections obtained in the presence of women are acceptable. Lastly, it is not advisable to masturbate or ejaculate while using these techniques, as it reduces the inherent effectiveness of these techniques.

CAUTION: These Exercises require adequate rest periods. Failing to provide adequate rest periods can result in severe tissue damage including put not limited to: fascial tearing, burst blood vessels, ED, discoloration, and bleeding.

Also, here are a few things that those two exercises accomplished for me:
1. Erections came much more easily
2. My penis became very jelly-like in how it felt
3. The skin became much softer
4. Penis color became more vibrant
5. Temporary gains
6. Drastic increase in the amount of erections per day
7. Blood vessels became much larger
8. Large increase in the amount of visible blood vessels on my shaft
9. Veins that were angry and red became softer in color. (really, it’s kind of trippy)
10. Much larger penis head
11. Greatly reduced curvature
12. Gains in length
13. Gains in girth

I highly recommend the M.A.I.R Techniques. They will restore erectile function by encouraging revascularization and encouraging growth factor release.

Lastly, since this is common knowledge I highly encourage drinking about 10-15 grams of l-citrulline daily. Seriously it’s a boon for growth and improved blood vessel health. L-citrulline causes this because it synthesizes into Nitric oxide and up-regulates the biological expression of VEGF both locally and systemically.

I am currently writing a book about how to manipulate angiogenic pathways to increase penis size and thus far all is going well. When I get done with the book, I will release it on a few e-book websites for the low cost of $2.99 (no more and no less). It’s going to be a question and answer based book, and will be about a hundred or so pages long. Each question will be answered with a thorough breakdown of the answer.

No partial B.S. I want all the men out there to have a really awesome start to their penis growth endeavors.

I was originally hoping to release it for free, but I had to drop a few hundred on research papers and books in order to finish my body of research. That said, this community has given me so much that I have decided to release a small portion of the book for free, since the majority of my inspiration came from the PE gym.

The Breakdown of Mechanically Activated Involuntary Reflex Exercises.

Written By Adrian Caruso

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Peyronies and all you need to know

The Penis Connective tissue POST. Peyronies and all you need to know

This post will go into just about as much science/fact base knowledge as I know.

I have seen in some theories here incorrect info about the tunica/connective tissue in general. One theory stated that connective tissue does not increase in size (hypertophy) or number (hyperplasia). According to science this is wrong.

For reference, a quick look at Muscular dystrophy and it's progression:
"A complete nervous system (neurological), heart, lung, and muscle exam may show:

Abnormal heart muscle (cardiomyopathy)
Congestive heart failure or irregular heart rhythm (arrhythmia)
Deformities of the chest and back (scoliosis)
Enlarged muscles of the calves, buttocks, and shoulders (around age 4 or 5). These muscles are eventually replaced by fat and connective tissue (pseudohypertrophy).
Loss of muscle mass (wasting)
Muscle contractures in the heels, legs
Muscle deformities
Respiratory disorders, including pneumonia and swallowing with food or fluid passing into the lungs (in late stages of the disease)"

One of the sad outcomes is that in MD muscle turns to connective tissue, ECM that does not have the ability to contract or function like a muscle leading to heart failure and death. God bless those poor souls.

So it is a proven fact the connective tissue CAN increase in number.
But this is an extreme pathology, but it proves the possibility.

Now to understand connective tissue growth.

We can think of connective tissue as a spider web made up of collagen and other compounds. This spider web doesn't survive on it's own. It was built and is maintaned by the spider (chondrocyte/fibroblast).

A more scientific explanation.

"What are Chondrocytes?
Chondrocytes, or chondrocytes in lacunae, are cells found in cartilage connective tissue. The number of chondrocytes found in cartilage determine how 'bendy' the cartilage is. When looking though a microscope, chondrocytes look similar to eyeballs floating in goo. Remember the movie 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?' That section of the movie when they are eating eyeball soup? That's the easiest way to determine what type of cartilage you're talking about, the number of 'eyeballs' in the soup.

So what, exactly, do chondrocytes do? Since chondrocytes are the only cells located in cartilage, they produce and maintain the cartilage matrix. So what is a cartilage matrix? If you look at the name 'chondrocyte in lacunae,' 'lacunae' is Latin for 'lake.' That's exactly what the matrix is -- a type of lake in which the chondrocytes 'swim.'

This may lead you to ask why cartilage is important in the first place. One of the principle functions of some cartilage types is to keep bones from rubbing together. We call this reducing friction. Imagine rubbing two pieces of sandpaper together. The pieces of sand in the paper rub against one another and after a while, you get a pile of dust, right? Imagine the two pieces of sandpaper were the ends of your bones. That would start to hurt! Now imagine putting a piece of regular paper in-between the two pieces of sandpaper. Now the friction is reduced, and the sandpaper moves much easier."
Chondrocytes: Definition & Function - Video & Lesson Transcript |

Now lets look at Fibroblasts.

"A fibroblast is a type of cell that synthesizes the extracellular matrix and collagen,[1] the structural framework (stroma) for animal tissues, and plays a critical role in wound healing. Fibroblasts are the most common cells of connective tissue in animals." wikipedia.

Muscles and Tendons and probably all living tissue have fibroblasts that help to create the ECM.
What we are concerned about with PE is how to create a healthy and bigger penis.
Too much inflammation or genetic issues can lead to peyronies disease.

A new mouse model of Peyronie's disease: an increased expression of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 target genes during the development of penile changes.
"Peyronie's disease (PD) is characterized by an inflammatory response beneath the tunica albuginea with fibroblast proliferation forming a thickened fibrous plaquethat may cause pain, penile curvature and erectile dysfunction. "
A new mouse model of Peyronie's disease: an increased expression of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 target genes during the development of penile changes. - PubMed - NCBI

[Normal connective tissue in penis and its changes in patients with erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease].
[Article in Russian]
tissues were obtained from 20 males aged 20-40 years who died in accidents, penis biopsies were taken from 23 patients with ED and 9 patients with PD (average age: 51 +/- 11.5 years). In both groups of patients, the volumetric fraction of collagen fibers in the tunica albuginea and corpora cavernosa was increased, while that one of elastic fibers was decreased. At the same time, the changes of elastic fibers were noted: the fibers become thinner and formed "rods".
[Normal connective tissue in penis and its changes in patients with erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease]. - PubMed - NCBI

As you can see peyronies looks a LOT like RSI(repetitive strain injuries), connective tissue grows thicker due to fibroblast proliferation but the ECM looses elasticity.

This is what it looks like:

IF chronic inflammation induces fibroblast proliferation and ECM dysfunction and

IF pressure/force without inflammation stimulates chondroctyes(fibroblasts) to produce more ECM

THEN people with penile RSI or peyronies can get better by stretch induced ECM depostion and ECM restructuring.

And we we see this actually happens where people can improve the curve/elasticity of there penis with stretching! gee wonder why...
So the tunica can increase its amount of ECM, number or chondroctyes, diameter of fibers, organization structure, and specific content.

With this in mind it is good for peyronies sufferers to focus more on stretching while doing less/less intense inflammatory work like jelqs. This may be a 2/1, 3/1 or 5/1 ratio depending on each person.
This is also why too much inflammation can lead to RSI and a thicker/stiffer tunica WHICH WILL LIMIT GAINS.

So a proper routine CAN add length and girth to the tunica and NOT just a plastic deformation of the ECM. The normal state for connective tissue is to maintain an ECM structure/ratio of ECM to fibroblasts sufficient for expected/previous force.

The normal state for Muscle is to maintain sufficient contractile possibility, fiber strength, and mitochondrial function for expected/previous work.

In an ideal PE situation:

1. the tunica will become longer, stronger, thicker, more elastic.
2. the muscle will increase in artery, vein, collateral(capillary), and nerve function while at the same time undergoing cellular hypertophy and hopefully stretch-induced hyperplasia by satellite stem cell differentiation, proliferation, integration, and maturation leading to permanent gains and better EQ.

If you are not gaining length then you should focus on tunica health. As tunica health/elasticity increases you WILL notice an increase in BPFS. IMHO

-RePosted From the PE Forum

EXTREME Using Weights To Enlarge Your Penis

Monday, July 6, 2015


A red flag indicator that a blister is developing is an itchy or tingly sensation on the tip of your penis while you are hanging. If you recognize that sensation, stop your hang session immediately.

The only negative trait of vacuum hanging is the potential for a blister. I too have experienced an annoying blister and it took me some time to figure out exactly what causes them and how to avoid them. So let's talk about what the main contributors are to creating a blister....
There are a variety of nuanced reasons for blisters, but the primary cause is trying to use too much weight or hang for too long of a time duration (or a combination of both) before you have developed the proper amount of skin conditioning. The meatus skin is very sensitive and delicate skin. Vacuum pressure is directly exerted upon this area, so it's vitally important to find the glans protection wrap method that works best for you. We have three methods, all of which are based upon a personal preference. I suggest you experiment to find which method best suits you.
The process required to achieve the skin conditioning that allows you to successfully hang is analogous to getting a sun tan or working with your hands. You wouldn't go out on the first day of summer and expose yourself to several hours of sun without getting burned. If you weren't accustomed to working with your hands and decided to chop some wood one weekend you'd likely get blisters on the palms of your hands. Maybe these aren't great analogies, but I think you understand the point I'm trying to make. So what is the best way to condition your meatus skin? The answer is to deliberately start with a light weight and hang time. In our instruction manual we have a suggested beginner routine. I started with only 3 lbs for 30 minutes, twice a day, one session in the morning and another session later in the afternoon or evening. It took me three full months of dedicated training 5-6 days per week to incrementally go from 3 lbs for 30 minutes up to 8 lbs for a full hour. For many men who already have a significant amount of PE training under their proverbial belt this initial beginner phase of conditioning seems to be too light, and the temptation to accelerate to heavier weight and longer hang sessions ends up being detrimental.
It's very important to gradually make small incremental increases in weight and time. I used a pyramid method and this is an example.... starting with 3 lbs for two 30 minute sessions per day. After a solid week with this weight and time I increased the hang time by another 10 minutes, then after another week 10 more minutes, until I was up to a full hour with no complications. Then I added two pounds, but dropped back down to 30 minutes and repeated the same process over again. Remember the two fold goal is to reach fatigue and develop skin conditioning. Going heavier and longer isn't a shortcut to greater / faster gains.
Now let me give you some inside baseball information on how to prevent a blister. There's a distinct sensation to be aware of during your hang session, and if you can tune into it you will prevent a blister. If at any time during your hang session you feel a slight itchy or tingly sensation on the tip of your penis then that's the red flag signal that you need to immediately stop your hang. If you ignore it or don't recognize it you will develop a blister. If you heed this advice you will be on the road to successful weight hanging that will manifest length and girth gains and help you avoid blisters!
If you stop your hang once you feel this sensation, remove your chamber and inspect your penis / meatus skin. If you see a very small blister forming, say the size of a BB, leave it alone. Usually the next day your body will have absorbed the little bit of fluid and the skin will have re-attached. If however the blister is larger, say the size of a pea then sterilize a needle, pop and drain it, but don't remove the skin! Apply some anti-biotic ointment like Polysporin or Neosporin and cover it with a small band aid to keep your clothing from rubbing against the area and aggravating it. Give it time to heal, usually 3 - 5 days depending on the severity and size of the blister. Begin to trim the dead skin away with some cosmetic scissors or a pair of fingernail clippers. During this healing time continue to do your hand stretching exercises. Do not pump or hang during the healing process. Bottom line.... live and learn. Once you resume your weight hang training you want to drop your hang weight and time by at least 50% while you recondition that new virgin skin. Then incrementally work back up to where you once were. The primary goal is to find a weight that you can successfully hang with for a full hour with no complications. Once you reach that goal then and only then should you think about adding more weight.
There's one more potential blister creator, and that's using too much vacuum pressure! Typically I recommend using as little vacuum pressure as needed. Remember this is not a penis pump! All you want is enough vacuum pressure to create a good seal between your penis skin and the silicon sleeve. The skin / sleeve seal is what allows the chamber to hold vacuum. If the integrity of that seal is compromised then you'll likely experience weight slippage, and most guys try and counter act that with more vacuum. I suggest as a guideline to use no more than 10 Hg's of vacuum pressure. I feel it's extremely important to have a hand pump that accurately indicates Hg pressure.
Making sure you properly maintain your silicon sleeve will go a long ways in preventing vacuum leaks and weight slippage. I recommend after 30 - 40 hours of training that you remove your sleeve from your chamber and wash it with warm / hot water and anti-bacterial dish soap. Blow dry it with a hair dryer or clean cotton towel (no paper towels - too much lint). This will help restore your rubber's sealing capabilities and tackiness, and also prolong the life of your rubber. Sleeves do wear out, but if properly cared for they should last a minimum of 4 months. If you start to experience weight slips due to vacuum leaks then it's time for a new rubber sleeve.
I hope this helps those of you who have experienced the set back of a blister! Just remember to be patient and think marathon and not sprint.

*You can also try some fulcrum and bundle exercises that don't require as much weight. The Fulcrum is where you hang your penis over a bar or rod that lies across your thighs (see photo). Link to Fulcrum Video:

A bundle is where you twist your penis 1/2 to a full turn and hang with weight and not allow it to un-twist, and it can be done while using a fulcrum for even more isolated stress. We have a great video on bundle hanging:

Friday, March 20, 2015

Q & A: Bib & ManHanger, v. LG Hanger Vacuum Based Penis Enlarger

QUESTION: Narrowing down my research I'm looking at the LG or a Bib.

The difference between the LG Hanger and the BiB or any other type of clamp device is the way it holds the weight onto your penis. The LG Hanger is a vacuum based device. The chamber fits over your penis and is 2.2" deep or 56 mm. A rubber sleeve fits over the shaft of your penis and is secured to the chamber. You draw out a small amount of vacuum from the chamber, the seal between the silicon rubber sleeve and your penis is what allows the vacuum to hold the weight onto your penis. This is NOT a clamp or noose! The Bib and the ManHanger (copy of BiB) are clamping devices. As with anything that clamps onto your penis there are problems with maintaining proper blood flow and circulation within you penis. There is also a potential for nerve damage! Additionally clamping devices pull skin very aggressively. My associate Dr. Richard Howard was an avid BiB user for several years, he can attest to the nerve damage he sustained that took several months to heal. Furthermore he started his PE as a circumcised man and because of use of the BiB he now has excessive foreskin and stretch marks on his penis. He now considers himself to be uncircumcised. He has transitioned to using the LG Hanger exclusively.

The LG (Length / Girth) Hanger does not cut off circulation or promote excessive foreskin growth. Attached are some photos of myself demonstrating how an uncircumcised man can protect his glans with the Beige Waterproof tape. You can see that after 3 1/2 years of use I have not gained excessive foreskin or promoted unsightly stretch marks.

QUESTION: A bit about me: Been off and on PE for 2 years or so. Mostly manual stretching, Jelqing from time to time and Bathmate. I Just recently started stretching again and Bathmate after having quite a while off due to some foreskin dryness/cracking (I'm uncut). My Penis is responding really well and sessions are able to increase with less and less soreness. I'm now officially interested in taking the leap to a hanger and slowly progressing.

I'm currently around 7" non bone pressed - and want to get to 8" and would like to see it by the end of the year. My starting length was around 6". So I feel the 1" is achievable with dedication.

I've never hanged before, the initial research a year ago scared the hell out of me.

After lots of reading though I think it's worth a slow and calculated shot.

Kudos! Glad to hear you have done your homework. As I stated above any type of hanging device that employs clamping as a means to attach weight to your penis is very risky! They can give you gains, but not without potential complications and a steep learning curve.


1. I want to hang standing. I have a standing computer setup, and would like to hang that way. Can I do that with the LG?
I do 90% of all my hanging while standing. My work as a machinist requires that. I comfortable hang up to 15 lbs and can still move about. We do offer a Cable Weight Stand that allows you to sit in a chair or recliner and hang while you watch TV.

2. I've seen the apparatus for hanging weight while you sit, the $300US cost is already a fair amount for me - am I am able to go with the "complete package A or B" and skip this apparatus if I am to hang standing?

Standing is my preferred method for hanging, you can even use a fulcrum bar across the front of your thighs as you progress to target and isolate different areas of your penile shaft.

The only difference between Package A & B is that Package A comes with a manual vacuum hand pump (the same that is commonly used for penis pumping) and a 3 lb starter weight. The Package B is for guys who already have a hand pump and want to use their own weight. The CABLE WEIGHT STAND and WEIGHT SYSTEMS are just accessories to the LGHanger. You do not need to purchase them. They are optional. Everything you need to start hanging comes in a Package “A”.

3. Shipping to Canada - V6E 4S7 - how much?

Approximately $45 - $64 depending on which package you purchase or method of shipping you desire. The shipping cost is really us to you and the method you choose to ship at the time of check out. You can go to our website, and do a “mock” order to see all the different shipping options and prices. We always put the value on the customs form at only $50 to help keep any import fees or taxes to a minimum and your package comes in an unmarked USPS Priority Mailer. Please check your country’s custom policies as they can add a customs fee at the border and we are not responsible for that fee.

4. Girth has been my area of least growth. Mostly because my Jelqing was mostly done in a flaccid - to 30% state. Achieving and maintaining erection for PE has proven difficult for me.

Erection quality is very important in PE! Usually if you have poor erection quality it is an issue that can be overcome. One thing that I have discovered myself is that if I over train it can lead to poor erection quality. A heart condition can compromise circulation within your body and penis, so you may want to get that checked out with your doctor. Then from a psychological position I have discovered from many men who suffer from ED that they have an addiction to porn, which has led to a desensitization between their brain and penis. Simply put they are sexually frustrated from being over stimulated. If that be the case, I always recommend that you stop viewing porn for a few months. 

QUESTION: I suppose I am getting better these days. Having said that, I am right around 5 - 5.1"

I read that with the LG it is made for your girth, and must be sent back in to be adjusted. What kind of range is there if I am to order one for my current girth? When will I need to send it back in for adjustment? How much does that cost? Is there a way to order up to compensate for a bit?

The LG Hanger will promote both length and girth gains. As your penile tissues lengthen they also thicken. My gains in girth have proportionate to my length gains. Each chamber I manufacture is precision machined from a solid bar of optically clear acrylic polycarbonate. We custom fit each chamber to the measurements the user provides us with. I always leave some room for growth. Unless you are already and XL the standard chamber size can be re-worked by re-boring the internal diameter. I can usually modify an existing chamber by one full size. The cost for modification is $25 + shipping.

If you grow out of your XL, then I would need to make you a brand new chamber using a larger diameter of acrylic polycarbonate. To date in the last 6 years of making chambers I have only made 7 chambers that exceeded an XL in size. 

I am trying to reach 5.5" but don't see that happening fast, especially not with such targeted growth in length.
Penis Enlargement is difficult! Too many guys have been mis-lead by exaggerated claims from PE device manufacturers that you can gain multiple inches fast with their device. That is pure BULLSHIT! Penis Enlargement is a marathon and not a sprint! I have gained 2 1/2" in erect girth over the past 3 1/2 years of dedicated use. I have gained 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" in erect girth depending on where along the shaft I measure. These are respectable gains. Dr. Richard Howard has a fairly accurate baseline formula that I believe is achievable. It is this ..... "You can potentially gain 50% of your starting erect length".

For example, if you start your PE adventure with a 6" erection you can potentially gain 3", which is 50% of 6". How fast or how much you gain is based on too many factors that are difficult to calculate. Things like genetics, the thickness of your suspensory ligament, the level of dedication to your training, nutrition and age. So when guys ask me how much they can gain or how fast they can gain it, I usually don't have an answer that will tickle their ears. If you buy our device and casually use it a couple hours a week for a month or two and expect to make gains, then you are going to be disappointed.

We don't just sell a device for the sake of making money. My passion is to see other men make the kind of gains I have experienced myself! The overall self-esteem and the enhanced sexual pleasure is worth the time and dedication!! Customers don't buy products; they buy the benefits they receive from the product. I hope I have answered all your questions sufficiently. We are committed to providing great customer service, we help with training tips and answer questions as they arrive. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

FOLDUS My personal story of PE & Peyronies Disease

Six years ago whenever I would get an erection, I experienced a dull achy pain similar to the beginning of a Charley Horse, all along the left side of my penis, and although my penis (when erect) had always been a “little” curved, I started to notice that over time it had gone from a little, to a lot. By the time I decided to talk to someone about it had become very pronounced, almost straight up, and from approximately mid shaft my penis started to curve inward, almost like a backwards question mark!

It would hurt to have sex or masturbate, making orgasm very difficult to achieve. I finally went to my local doctor who suggested that I had some scar tissue or fibrosis and asked if I had injured myself? He even suggested that I might have a condition called Peyronie’s.

Because I had recently been divorced I had lost my health care coverage and was resigned to use my local VA, being I am a former veteran, but because the wait times were so lengthy I decided to deal with this on my own.

I began extensive Google searches to try and find a remedy to my problems, and found a doctor named Dr. Alexander A Krakovsky FAAFS, MD. Whom purportedly had helped other men with the same problems.

I called Dr. K and spoke to him at length about my symptoms. He indicated that he felt I had a condition known as Peyronie’s Disease. He said that there were a number of reasons people get Peyronies such as trauma to the penis, surgery from Prostate Cancer, and that it typically starts to develop in males over age 40. He told me that over time my symptoms would probably get worse, which concerned me greatly because I had already watched them go from dull, achy, slightly curved, to painful pronounced curve. Dr. K talked about a surgical procedure where the suspensory ligament would be cut and suggested following it up with traction. He told me that I should experience a gain in length as well as alleviate the pain and curve that I was currently experiencing.

I waited awhile because the surgery was kind of expensive, $5600. I did have a sonogram and found that I had some fibrosis (scar tissue). I made the decision to have the surgery.

After the surgery, within two weeks my erections began to feel normal again. Dr. K told me I had a tremendous amount of scar tissue and felt it may have been due to the two hernias surgeries I had at birth. He speculated that may have contributed to the problems I was experiencing, but couldn't be 100% certain.

After the initial healing period I began to use the traction device he recommended using. However I was never able to get it to work properly, as it would always leak vacuum and then the rubber sleeve that connected to the chamber would tear. After calling the manufacturer and explaining the problem they sent me another chamber. Unfortunately that chamber failed too! He ended up sending me four chambers, all of which would fail and be unable to hold vacuum. 

Being a machinist tool maker by trade I began to trouble-shoot what the problem was with the design of the chamber and why it leaked vacuum. Once I discovered why it leaked I went about designing my own chamber with some additional improvements. I didn't like that the original chamber was so shallow and only attached to the glans of my penis. I didn't want the traction from the weight to be pulling from my glans, so I purposely made my chamber with a deeper engagement that distributed the traction pull more from above the glans on the shaft of my penis. I made some molds and purchased a silicon rubber (Dragon Skin 10) from Smooth-On, and made my own rubber with a thicker wall, which was less prone to tear. Once I started using my own chamber and rubber it wasn't very long (approx. 3 months) before I started to notice gains in length and girth both in the flaccid state and in the erect state. 

I shared all my modifications to the chamber and my results with Dr. Krakovsky. He was delighted to hear about all of it, and then shared with me that several other men he had done procedures for had experienced the same problems with their traction device too. He contacted several of them and told them about my experience. They all requested that he give them my phone number so that they could call me and purchase my traction device. Over a short period of time I began to make all the traction devices for all of Dr. Krakovsky's patients. 

Within a year I had made nearly 100 traction devices all from word of mouth! It was at that time I realized that this could be something I could turn into a business. So once again I began a Google search for someone who had significant experience in PE. I found Dr. Richard Howard. I gave him a call and shared my story. Interestingly enough he shared with me that he too had the exact same conceptual idea for a vacuum hanger, but just didn't have the manufacturing capabilities. I sent him one of my chambers and he found it to be exceptional and the rest is history. We have since developed a solid working relationship and work in concert with one another. With his 30+ years of PE experience we have been able to help many men in their quest to make penis enlargement a reality, many with multiple inch gains!