Custom Made Chambers

Custom Made Chambers


Sunday, February 21, 2021


First of all, let's recognize that when we start stretching our penis, it's going to start getting thinner, which means the silicon sleeve has to conform to the shape as it gets thinner. One of the main things that you can experience a vacuum leak is because you may have too big of a sleeve, which doesn't conform to your penis when you start stretching. So think of it like this, like a rubber band. Here's your penis, you start stretching and starts getting thinner, the sleeve is unable to conform to the thinner penis. So as a suggestion, I would recommend going to a smaller sleeve if you're experiencing that problem.

The girth band provides a mild amount of compression, which will in turn, help this portion of the penis, where the chamber's going to be fitted, to expand and stay more expanded, helps trap more blood, keep it fuller during the hang session. So this is an important thing to do, use a girth band.

Here's the hand pump that we use with our systems. Now here's what it is, you see the gauge here, I'm going to plug the hose and draw out some vacuum. See how the needle slowly starts to go down. Okay. No big deal, your hand pumps still good. Just do this. Plug your hose into your chamber, draw out a little more vacuum than you need. Wait till it goes to where you want it to be, I'm a say 10, and then just disconnect. That's it. It's still-

Use a longer portion of sleeve, if necessary. Now, this all is predicated on how long your flaccid penis is. We typically install three inches of sleeve on the chamber. However, once you install your chamber, your penis is going to hit the bottom here. If you have a little extra sleeve, it can fold over your girth band which will in turn, help ensure a better vacuum seal. So that even as you start getting to higher weights, you're not going to experience a slip or any vacuum loss.

As you're using your hand pump all the time, the hose could be getting loosened up on this little barbed end, and it could leak vacuum through this area. So what you do is you just pull the hose off and snip it off and re-install it. It's going to make for a nice tight seal.

You can see there's a couple little rubber O-rings on here. These little rubber O-rings can wear a little bit to where once it's plugged in, it could leak a little bit of vacuum. So I recommend doing the same as I showed you before snip the hose off, put a new little male fitting on and you're good to go again.