Custom Made Chambers

Custom Made Chambers


Thursday, March 31, 2022

The LG Hanger System V. Other Vacuum Hangers

What's the difference between the LG Hanger Vacuum Based Weight Hanging System and other vacuum-based devices?"
The LG Hanger System is manufactured from a solid piece of optically clear acrylic
It is machined on a C.N.C. lathe and mill
The Chamber is sized, based on customer provided measurements
It's not injection molded from recycled plastics.
It's not made in China by slave labor, it's made in the United States.

There are several significant design differences that hugely effect the comfort and effectiveness.
Our chambers are ergonomically designed to conform to the shape of your penis.
The vacuum cups made in China are shaped like a bullet nose, and your glans is shaped more like a WW2 German helmet or mushroom.
Our chambers have a full radius at the bottom of the internal bore that allows for complete glans expansion. Bullet nosed caps don't.


LGH chambers are deeper and this is very important because you'll want the weight to pull from the entire shaft and not just the glans.
This if very important in helping to prevent blisters! Here's a rhetorical question... When you do hand stretches, do you pull from the glans or the shaft behind the glans. Easy answer, so why would you want to use a cup that pulls from the glans?

Our chambers incorporate an industrial grade pneumatic fitting that allows you to use a hand pump with an Hg vacuum gauge. This allows you to know exactly how much vacuum pressure you're extracting. Another important design feature that helps eliminate the potential blister. You have no way of knowing how much vacuum you're using with a cup. They use mouth, an enema bulb or a plastic siphon gizmo to draw an unknown amount of vacuum out, and typically it's too much.

All our chambers use a sturdy metal hook that's screwed into the top of the chamber, it's not a thin piece of wire. The last thing you want when you get up to heavier weight like 10 lbs. is for that thin wire to fail and have the weight drop onto your toes or foot!

Last of all we are the ONLY manufacturer that includes the BUNDLE hang option, for when you progress to more advanced PE exercise.