Custom Made Chambers

Custom Made Chambers


Thursday, August 31, 2023

NEW Vented All Night Cap For ADANS-(All Day All Night System)

The NEW Vented All Night Cap  

Click on the movie below for a 360 view of the vented cap

Introducing the New A.D.A.N.S (All Day All Night System!)

We here at LG Hanger have been listening to our clients requests for an All Night System and have invented a NEW Vented Cap!
These are new to the market and we have made a limited quantity of 35 to be marketed for feed back!

The Vented caps will be sold on our website until gone and we would appreciate feedback!

Both the Day and Vented Night cap will be included in the ADANS system linked at the bottom of this email.

The new Night Vented cap is wider than the Day use cap and is not only comfortable enough to wear all night, 
but prevents sweat build up, suction issues, and the potential for blisters while sleeping because the included sleeve will be doing the bulk of the work.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Chamber & System: Putting on and Removing

 How to Put on and Remove your Chamber

We’re gonna install our LG Hanger Chamber.

First thing your gonna wanna do is take your rubber sleeve and get it, stretch it, and roll it up over the mouth of the chamber to expose the mouth chamber.

So it’s a new sleeve, so it’s a little stiff

That’s how you do, so roll it up over your mouth of your chamber, so the chamber mouth is fully exposed.

Now we’re gonna install our chamber and I’m assuming everybody’s done their warm-up up, you know you got your glans protection wrap on, done some jelqing or are you heat lamp, or a warm shower.

 So your flaccid is fairly full as you can see here, there’s no skin wrinkles, um you can even say your slightly aroused maybe twenty, thirty percent, something like that. Ok now, we

showed you how to roll back the rubber of your chamber, now were gonna install the chamber, so

I use a Girth Band or section of sleeve. For demonstration purposes I’ll just use a section of sleeve cause I know not all you guys are buying Girth Bands, but, I recommend the Girth Band they’re a little bit better, but anyways,

So you’ve got your penis a little bit firm, you go ahead and insert your penis all the way, into the bottom of the chamber, see that. Then begin to roll the rubber sleeve back up over your penis, so see how I did that?

Now you got a little vacuum in there just because the sleeves tight on your skin, so roll that rubber back.

And you know I pretty much personalized my sleeve. I know how long I like it based on the length of my flaccid penis.

So there you are. Your sleeve is installed.

 I’m going to show you how to draw a vacuum out of your chamber.

So, take your… Plug it in, um mines a little off zero cause I dropped it but, imma show you a little trick, draw some vacuum out, about there, hold it for a few seconds,

1,2,3,4,5, release it, do it again.

Uh you see how my penis, glans is packing and filling the chamber? When I do that?

So imma release the pressure, imma do it a couple more times.

This is what’s called priming your chamber. Your getting your penis ready to hang the weight.

You know I’m a little over ten, based on my zeros not all the way to the bottom, but, so I’m about ten there, there you go, now I’m just going to release the pressure.

You can see the sleeve is tight. I’ve got a really good seal here, I can pull on that, its pretty difficult, hard I mean, and you can see.

Ok now here’s eight pounds of weight. I’m going to attach this to the end and then slowly lower it see.

See, there you go.

Alright, were going to remove the weight and remove the chamber now. You been hanging now for, whatever, uh, forty five minutes, and hour, whatever you know. So now, just take the weight and take it off the chamber.

Then, to remove the chamber, you just want to lose vacuum seal so, you find the end of your rubber, take a couple fingers, start pulling it down and there you go.

Thursday, March 31, 2022

The LG Hanger System V. Other Vacuum Hangers

What's the difference between the LG Hanger Vacuum Based Weight Hanging System and other vacuum-based devices?"
The LG Hanger System is manufactured from a solid piece of optically clear acrylic
It is machined on a C.N.C. lathe and mill
The Chamber is sized, based on customer provided measurements
It's not injection molded from recycled plastics.
It's not made in China by slave labor, it's made in the United States.

There are several significant design differences that hugely effect the comfort and effectiveness.
Our chambers are ergonomically designed to conform to the shape of your penis.
The vacuum cups made in China are shaped like a bullet nose, and your glans is shaped more like a WW2 German helmet or mushroom.
Our chambers have a full radius at the bottom of the internal bore that allows for complete glans expansion. Bullet nosed caps don't.


LGH chambers are deeper and this is very important because you'll want the weight to pull from the entire shaft and not just the glans.
This if very important in helping to prevent blisters! Here's a rhetorical question... When you do hand stretches, do you pull from the glans or the shaft behind the glans. Easy answer, so why would you want to use a cup that pulls from the glans?

Our chambers incorporate an industrial grade pneumatic fitting that allows you to use a hand pump with an Hg vacuum gauge. This allows you to know exactly how much vacuum pressure you're extracting. Another important design feature that helps eliminate the potential blister. You have no way of knowing how much vacuum you're using with a cup. They use mouth, an enema bulb or a plastic siphon gizmo to draw an unknown amount of vacuum out, and typically it's too much.

All our chambers use a sturdy metal hook that's screwed into the top of the chamber, it's not a thin piece of wire. The last thing you want when you get up to heavier weight like 10 lbs. is for that thin wire to fail and have the weight drop onto your toes or foot!

Last of all we are the ONLY manufacturer that includes the BUNDLE hang option, for when you progress to more advanced PE exercise.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Weight Rings Measurement Guidelines

Suggest size for FLACCID girths

Hello PE Enthusiasts,

    Last year was a very productive year for LG Hanger! The design and development of our new 1 1/2 lb. weight ring has finally come to fruition. I'm pleased to say the long arduous process of manufacturing and testing is complete.

    We've listened and responded to requests to come up with a low traction / extended wear device that's user friendly and inexpensive enough for all men to enjoy and benefit from.

    While many men are interested in enhancing the size of their manhood, just as many are concerned about penile health and erection quality. Designing a device that could achieve both was of our main objective. With all the television ads that are addressing erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease, men are seeking solutions now more than ever.

    The pharmaceutical industry is at the forefront and wants men to believe that drugs are the solution to both problems.
We at LG Hanger endeavor to offer more of a holistic approach to problem solving these issues. Can a mild amount of traction placed upon the penis help to overcome ED and Peyronie's conditions? Many urologists are suggesting that it can. To buttress that observation, take a look at the various devices such as penis pumps , "extenders" and all-day stretcher devices that are currently being marketed with doctor endorsements. Many such devices are poorly made, expensive and not user friendly.
We read thousands of forum reviews, personal emails and field numerous phone calls from men who back up that observation.

    Switching gears to those who are more interested in male enhancement or penis enlargement. I'm not going to get into the variety of reasons for men's personal motivations to enlarge their penis. There are just too many to address and I'm not Dr. Phil. Suffice it to say most men don't want to be what is considered average, and I've never heard any man other than Howard Stern brag about being less than average. So how does the LGH 1.5 lb. weight ring compliment those who train for size? It provides enough traction to prevent your penis from retracting or as the penis enlargement community refers to as "turtling". It's a supplemental device to be worn after more intense penis enlargement training, that will prevent your penis from retracting while you recover.

    There are four sizes, all of which are 1 1/2 lbs. Each size is commensurate with our LGH Girth Bands. It is recommended that you use a Girth Band or a portion of silicon sleeve under the weight ring to provide grip and comfort.
You can however use a Tender tape wrap under the weight ring if desired. It's important to choose the appropriate size for correct fit. The ring is held together with two magnets and once installed will employ a small amount of compression along with the grip of the silicon Girth Band or sleeve to hold it in place. This will ensure good blood flow and prevent any circulatory compromise.

    Extensive testing has determined that a single ring can be worn up to three continuous hours, however most men need to relieve themselves approximately every other hour depending on fluid intake. Since the rings are easy to installed and remove, bathroom breaks are easily accomplished. For those who want to use a little more weight, two rings can be worn simultaneously too. Testing revealed that two rings can be worn for approximately 1.5 to 2 hours with no difficulty. With two rings however you can experience a little bit of edema in the frenulum area. If so, a moderately snug compression wrap can be used to eliminate that condition after sustained wear times.

    Choosing which size LGH weight ring that is appropriate for you depends on a few things. I personally recommend that a LGH Girth Band or a section of one of our silicon sleeves is worn underneath the weight ring. A couple reasons for that are the Girth Band or section of silicon sleeve will provide comfort and prevent any potential skin pinch. Secondly it will help provide grip. The LGH weight rings are designed to be held in place with only a minimal amount of compression so as to not compromise circulation. They are not like a compression clamp that you can tighten up. The two halves are held together with two small magnets rated at 9 lbs. of pull, this ensures that the two halves will snap together when installed. A small gap of 3/32" or 2.4 mm was removed from the center of the two halves in order to help provide a minimal amount of compression. If you decide you do not want to use a Girth Band or section of silicon sleeve and instead want to use a wrap that's fine. However, you will likely want to use one size smaller of a ring. The reason is because both our LGH Girth Bands and sleeves all have a 1/8" or 3mm wall thickness that takes up space inside the internal diameter of the weight ring.
Lastly, depending on the location along the shaft where one places the weight ring is important too. There aren't too many men who have uniform girth throughout the entire length of their penis. Most men, including myself have a smaller girth circumference below the glans than at mid shaft. So, if you intend on wearing two rings, one below glans and one mid shaft you will probably require two different sizes of ring.

VIDEO: Magnetic Weight Ring Penis Stretcher


Magnetic Weight Ring Penis Stretcher

    Hey, guys. I'm here again to show you another new product from the LG Hanger crew. It's their new weight rings, and this is a ring that weighs 1.5 pounds using magnets to clasp together and stay together as you wear it. It's a good traction device to wear. It's a good alternative to pills that men may need to take for erectile dysfunction. This can help with that through the traction function. This is also a good supplement for guys who are already doing PE type routines, hanging, stretching, all that. It's very good to use afterwards so that you can prevent turtling. That's always a big factor.

    But I'll go ahead and show you how to use this. You'll need a girth band. You can use some compression tape if you'd like, as opposing to this, as an alternative, but I prefer the band because it has these little lips here that will help keep everything in place. Plus the material here will help keep the ring in place, whereas this might not do as well. So this is all the equipment you'll need to put it together, so let's go ahead and get it on.

    Okay. So you want to make sure you're about maybe 30, 50% enlarged. You can use a girth band here to help keep that. You're going to grab your compression tape. Go ahead and put that on. I like to make it nice and tight. This will help prevent edema buildup and just keep better traction as well, as you wear the weight ring. All right. Just make sure it's nice and snug. I also like to wear a ring, you can use a silicone band, just to keep everything tight and remove excess skin.

    Then once you have the band on, I personally like to use another silicone band before I put on the girth band. This helps keep the compression tape on and also give a little bit more traction for when you wear the weight ring. So just like that. All right. Then we put on the girth band, directly on top. All right, like so. Okay. As you see, everything is nice and together. Then from here, we are set for the ring. All right. Just from here, make sure you're in the middle of the girth band and just slip it in. Make sure it's good. And there you go. So now it is clamped down and ready to go. Got a little bit of pressure on the glands here. I like to have that a little bit, just so that the band or the weight ring does not fall off, but it does provide some traction. So now we're hanging.

    So you can wear this for ... Generally, I do about an hour, and then afterwards I take this off, shake it out a little bit, just to make sure the blood flow is good to the glands, and just kind of keep on going. You can go for maybe a couple of hours, as long as you make sure to take a break about every hour in between. As far as wearing and walking around, you can do it around the house, no problem. You can go outside with it, just, this thing is pretty big, so depending on your attire, you may be able to hide it, you might not. Use at your own risk like that, but it is definitely possible.

    Then if you wanted to use two rings, you would just place another girth band in the middle here. And same thing, just put the ring on there, and you're good to go. Now with two rings, you're going to want to take more breaks, maybe around the 30-minute mark, and you probably don't want to do it for too long because a lot of pressure will build on the glands here. So you want to give it a little bit more of a break, but definitely want to work your way up to that as well.

    So that is some of the things that I've noticed with this. This is a great, like I said before, supplement to keep everything nice and elongated. No turtling, so it definitely helps with that. A key thing is, you want to make sure that this band is the right size for your member. The LG team will make sure to get you on the right size. They'll ask you for your fitting, so make sure that's true and accurate. But otherwise, this is a great product and I definitely recommend it. When you're done, very simple, just go ahead and slide it like that, and you're off. All right, guys, happy hanging.

Sunday, February 21, 2021


First of all, let's recognize that when we start stretching our penis, it's going to start getting thinner, which means the silicon sleeve has to conform to the shape as it gets thinner. One of the main things that you can experience a vacuum leak is because you may have too big of a sleeve, which doesn't conform to your penis when you start stretching. So think of it like this, like a rubber band. Here's your penis, you start stretching and starts getting thinner, the sleeve is unable to conform to the thinner penis. So as a suggestion, I would recommend going to a smaller sleeve if you're experiencing that problem.

The girth band provides a mild amount of compression, which will in turn, help this portion of the penis, where the chamber's going to be fitted, to expand and stay more expanded, helps trap more blood, keep it fuller during the hang session. So this is an important thing to do, use a girth band.

Here's the hand pump that we use with our systems. Now here's what it is, you see the gauge here, I'm going to plug the hose and draw out some vacuum. See how the needle slowly starts to go down. Okay. No big deal, your hand pumps still good. Just do this. Plug your hose into your chamber, draw out a little more vacuum than you need. Wait till it goes to where you want it to be, I'm a say 10, and then just disconnect. That's it. It's still-

Use a longer portion of sleeve, if necessary. Now, this all is predicated on how long your flaccid penis is. We typically install three inches of sleeve on the chamber. However, once you install your chamber, your penis is going to hit the bottom here. If you have a little extra sleeve, it can fold over your girth band which will in turn, help ensure a better vacuum seal. So that even as you start getting to higher weights, you're not going to experience a slip or any vacuum loss.

As you're using your hand pump all the time, the hose could be getting loosened up on this little barbed end, and it could leak vacuum through this area. So what you do is you just pull the hose off and snip it off and re-install it. It's going to make for a nice tight seal.

You can see there's a couple little rubber O-rings on here. These little rubber O-rings can wear a little bit to where once it's plugged in, it could leak a little bit of vacuum. So I recommend doing the same as I showed you before snip the hose off, put a new little male fitting on and you're good to go again.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

My personalized Routine for Weight Hanging

I'll outline the basics as it would be very difficult to provide what my PE training entailed during the four years I was working towards fulfilling my full PE potential. That's because I trained intuitively and was constantly changing the routine in order to break through plateaus.
This required incremental increases in the intensity, time and weight I used. 

Basics -
Warm up with moderate hand stretching while taking a warm / hot shower. This can be done with a heat lamp too.... 5 to 10 minutes.

Two hang sessions per day, one in the morning, and another in the afternoon or early evening. These sessions were 45 minutes up to a full hour. Followed by very aggressive hand stretches for 5 -10 minutes, pulling in a variety of directions.... straight out, up, down, and side to side. The intensity of these hand stretches should be as hard as you can tolerate. Train 3 days on, one day off, two days on, one day off. On off days' work on erection quality. This means achieving an erection and maintaining it for 15-20 minutes at 75% - 100% firmness, and doing 20-30 Kegels and holding the Kegel for 2-3 seconds before releasing it. This helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscle and promotes better erection quality and control of erection firmness.

In between hang sessions I would wear my ADS throughout the day as much as possible.
After my last hang session / hand stretches, I would do a 15–20-minute pump session.

As I progressed to heavier weight and hit a limit where I couldn't effectively use more weight (15 lbs.) I started to look for ways to increase the stress load without using more weight. This is when I started to incorporate the Fulcrum and Bundle. This was approximately around the two-year mark of my training.

By the third year I started to introduce clamping and added a few more pump sessions throughout the week.

I'm not doing any personal coaching, but if you're interested in that and have the means, I would recommend you contact Dr. Richard Howard. He can analyze your current routine and level of experience, and make adjustments as your progress. He may offer a different approach than myself. We don't necessarily agree on everything, but generally speaking penis enlargement has two basic components - stretching and expansion.

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