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Monday, January 23, 2017

PCR's or Penis Cock Rings

The Effective Use of Penis "Cock" Rings
By Dr. Richard R Howard II

Penis "Cock" Rings (PCR) PCR’s come in various sizes, some are adjustable and most can be purchased online. Begin by observing/pumping with a product such as The Bathmate, for 15-30 minutes. PCR’s will hold the pump to a substantial degree if the fit is correct and circulation is appropriate, thus serving as a potential ADS expansion device. This causes an increased tunica blood pressure because the outflow is reduced. In other words, they can serve a purpose in a productive gratifying length/girth expansion effect.

Experiment with PCR’s and see how you feel in terms of comfort and with experience the application will go smoothly. After applying a number of times, you can decide whether they are appropriate for you or not. Alternatively, if you have another form of a cock strap, that can be tried. Limit yourself to no longer than 30 minutes initially, and then add time per week, up to comfort level. The above is a learning curve, err on the conservative side, always remove the PCR if there is discomfort. Be mindful of what your penis tells you, do not override it with your intellect, it is a feel thing.

· PCR, Base Squeezes and Edging. You can apply PCR’s upon waking, erection will be reinforced, perform super-set of base squeezes 10 seconds with edging for further enhancement for three minutes or most comfortable time. In other words, this is a stop start method where you base squeeze for comfortable time frame anywhere from 10 seconds to 60 seconds per set. For example, while edging/base squeeze, then stop for a moment and then repeat. This is particularly good for length and girth supplementary exercises in association with the LG Hanger Vacuum System. Start with one session 3 minutes, over time or number of months you can work up to greater time, AM and PM based on your discretion/intuition. Do not rush the process.

· Variable Angle Stretches. Variable angle stretches can be performed with PCR’s or without, your choice. These stretches consist of, straight down between the legs, over the right leg, under the right leg, between the cheeks or BTC, and in like manner repeat around the left leg, also. This gives a thorough movement in a straight down and BTC manner revolving around both legs, and the variety keeps it from being boring, in contrast to holding your penis in a single direction. Next, stretch to the right and then the left at right angles to the abdomen, hold each position mentioned above for as long as comfortable. Next you can perform, straight up (SU) pointing to you sternum/chin. Also, a rotary clockwise/counterclockwise stretch can be considered using the right hand and then the left hand, (again, this will allow for good stretch and a sufficient time frame that is not boring given the many angles and diversity) Start with one session which can last approximately 5-10 minutes. Over time or a number of months you can work up to greater time, AM and PM based on your discretion/intuition. To reiterate, these stretches are done with the PCR’s, but can be done without.

· PCR, Kegel and Edging. The PCR’s may be used with the Kegel, which is a very good stamina exercise thus highly recommended. Edging also keeps the penis stimulated in a erect state during the Kegel's. The Internet has a great deal of information on these two exercises which I feel should be done together. Also, my site, covers this in detail.

· The LGHanger and PCR. The PCR "holds" the effects of the above movements to a great degree just as it holds the length and girth after using the LG Hanger. The LG of the LG Hanger stands for length and girth. The beauty of this device is that it expands all aspects of the penis while stretching. Upon initiating a work out with the LG Hanger Vacuum System apply the PCR, for the duration of the workout. Once you have completed the workout, you can work up to ADS (all day stretch's) over time, if desired. Such will hold the pump and also the exertion/ expansion from the LG Hanger.

Note: While wearing the PCR, you should be able to urinate with no resistance effect, for example, if the fit is optimal.

· PCR’s and Pumping: Pump for X amount of time, apply PCR before or after pumping, your preference, try both. Please note that most static pumps or even electric pumps can give ambiguous or gray results in many or most cases, including the water pumps. The best type of pumps for those who are really serious about effective pumping, would be pulse pumping. Pulse pumping is a stretch release scenario/pattern over about 18 seconds, which repeats for the time duration that you set on the pump. After pumping, one can perform the exercises mentioned above. This pattern may be performed AM and PM as desired and based on experience. Always be mindful of your PI’s, as they are the final indicator as to whether you are optimal or suboptimal, in other words in the groove or out of the groove.

· Note. Regarding mechanical and manual exercises, the intensity and duration can be increased over time. The LG Hanger comes with instructions for the beginner in terms of increasing weights and time. When a person becomes advanced, after several years of training, they are in a position to determine the time frame and intensity. I strongly advise a new or intermediate person to err on the safe side and be kind your penis as it is your friend. The time will pass quickly and you will advance in your PE skills and knowledge leading to the development of a mega phallus skills.

· Summary. In summary, as you progress with PCR’s, this will enable the penis to be engorged during the time frame that you wear it. The individual must make a decision as to that time frame. There are some that wear 24 hours a day to maintain engorgement, but they are advanced and they are subject to their own decisions. Under no circumstances should a new individual attempt such a thing until sufficient amount of experience has taken place to evaluate safety and the fit of the PCR. Safety is everything, and circulation must be such that it does cause engorgement but not excessive constriction.

Best regards,

Dr. Ric

Richard R. Howard II, Dr. PH, MS, MPH (Tulane University Graduate)

My Penis Doctor

Friday, January 13, 2017

VIDEO: JoyStick Demo's Warm up with Resistance Bands

JoyStick shows us how he uses the LG Hanger System along with resistance bands to warm up or cool down before and after his hang sessions.

ARTICLE: Warming up - Penis Exercise Prep

PE Warm Ups 

Dr. Richard R Howard II

Warming up your penis is a lot like warming up your body before you hit the gym- it increases gains, increases tissue flexibility, and decreases chances of injury. The warm up involves exactly what it sounds, "warming up" your penis.

To Do a Basic Warm-Up:

Step 1
Massage your penis to semi-erection.

Step 2
Proceed with the warm up method of choice, as discussed below.

Step 3
Keep your penis in warm-up mode for about 5-10 minutes.

NOTE- You may also sit in a hot tub to achieve the warm-up effect.

Heat Lamp

One device that achieves all of the above and also has the added benefit for increased blood flow more efficiently, is the heat lamp. A heat lamp may be purchased from or one can construct such from the following parts found at a hardware store. The parts would be an industrial light fixture, IR bulb, a hose clamp of appropriate size to attach the industrial light fixture to a flexible camera tripod. This can be positioned no closer than 2 feet away from the crotch for 5 to 10 minutes.

General Electric is one manufacturer of IR bulbs, which generally comes in 250 watts.

As mentioned above, the heat lamp is placed 2 feet away from the penis in the crotch area, no closer, optimum heat is desired. This will project a broad beam of heat, safely, to the entire crotch area, similar to sitting on the beach one summer day, or hot tub. Be sure to palpate yourself to feel the degree of tissue warmth.

This can be done after insertion into the LG Hanger, for example. Since LG Hanger is clear it allows the warmth to come in to the penis. With the other heating methods listed below, it is best to insert your penis into the LG Hanger subsequently or after the heating warm-up.

The Rice Sock, Warm Towel or Heating Pad

The "rice sock" for warm ups, is very useful. Take a clean sock, and fill it no more than half way with uncooked rice. Place it in a microwave under optimum not maximum time and power so that the rice gets to the desired temperature. Use a microwave for approximately one minute. Be sure to always feel the sock so that it does not have too much heat, this is best done by moving the rice in the sock around to make sure no excess heat is captured within the rice. This is a learning curve, be very conservative at first, and as you learn to gauge the heat, proceed safely.

Once your rice sock is heated to the desired temperature, rap rice sock around your semi erect penis. The heated rice inside the sock will warm your penis up in much the same way as a hot wrap.

The warm towel and heating pad is self-explanatory. One can use a hand towel found in your bathroom. Soak it in warm water and apply by wrapping it around the penis for approximately 10 minutes, you may need to reheat the towel in warm water and reapply.

Heating pads are usually common home items as well. With the heating pad make sure you only Set It On Low. Place the heating pad around the penis for 10 minutes. Under no circumstances increase the heat setting above low! The low setting will give an adequate warm-up for your penis

NOTE: WARNING! DO NOT overheat your heat lamp, or any other method! Your penis, like the rest of your body, is sensitive to heat- even more so. You can cause SERIOUS burns if the method is too hot.

The warm-up tools may be the heat lamp, rice sock, warm towel, or heating pad. Proper warming up is a MUST before you workout your penis. Please note, if one is performing two workout sessions a.m. and p.m., it is necessary to perform a warm-up before both sessions. Some members cut corners a bit on their warm ups, because they are pressed for time, five minutes may do as an alternate time duration.

Richard R. Howard II, Dr. PH, MS, MPH (Tulane University Graduate)

Monday, January 9, 2017

Jelqing Exercises: Step by Step & Their Benefit’s

"Jelqing Exercises: Step by Step & Their Benefit’s"
Jelqing is a simple and effective natural penis enlargement method that yields results when done consistently, safely and properly. In addition to being effective as a lone penis exercise, it is often part of much more rigorous natural penis growth package out there. If you are ever interested in increasing your penis size – girth and/or length – then it is necessary to learn about the jelqing exercise and the attending steps to perform it like a boss and get results.

The basic idea is that you are going to be forcing more blood into the tissues of the Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Spongiosum. The combination of this new stress would cause the cells to extend.

The primary goal is to work on different parts of the penis and increases blood circulation throughout. By constantly and properly stretching and pulling the semi-erect penis with the thumb and index finger to draw blood from one end to the other to ensure the erectile tissue can take in more blood.

Although there haven’t been any specific scientific study to measure the efficacy of the exercise, yet, numerous articles over the internet and the testimonies of many men who have increased both their penis length and girth. One thing that stands out with jelqing is that, when done patiently and consistently, it is an effective, harmless, and simple way to increase penis size.

What do you need to make your jelqing investment profitable?
  1. Your dedicated self. To get results, you need to be consistent and persistent.
  2.  A lubricant that doesn’t dry easily such as Johnson's & Johnson's baby oil with vitamin E, Vaseline Aloe Naturals, or Albolene Liquefying cleanser which can be found in the cosmetic section of most drug stores.
  3. A means to warm up your penis before every exercise. *see our other articles on warning up. A warm bath or wrapping your penis with a warm towel will suffice.
The steps…

Step 1: Spread your chosen lubricant on the entire shaft of your penis. It is pertinent to note that the lubricant you choose must be fluid and make it easy for your hands to glide over your shaft.

Step 2: Get enough blood into your penis by getting it semi-erect. Your penis cannot be as hard as when you are about to have sex and not flaccid. The idea behind jelqing is to ‘milk’ the blood in your penis from one end to the other to force strain that leads to growth.

Step 3: Connect your thumb and your index finger to form the “OK” gesture over your penis base.
 You can use the hand you feel most comfortable with, but note that eventually, you’ll have to use both hands. Make sure the two fingers start as close as possible to the pubic bone to increase the amount of blood you ‘milk’

Step 4: Now, tighten the “OK” gesture on your penis and drag it to the penis head (Don’t squeeze the head of your penis). If your penis is at the right erect state, you’ll feel blood move as your grip glides over your shaft. You should be conscious of your body reaction to the pressure you’re applying. If you feel any pain or discomfort, loosen up the grip on your penis a bit. With time, you’ll settle into a rhythm.

Step 5: Repeat! You have just completed a cycle. To ensure rhythm and sustained pressure, use your other hand to start from step 3 again. This way, the pressure and strain created by the first cycle don't wane before the next cycle. Ensure each cycle doesn’t take more than 3 seconds.

Jelqing result – The before and after jelqing

Different men experience different results after jelqing owing to various reasons such as consistency, length of each session, and bodily reaction to the strain. That said, a 100 men were put through an anecdotal research on jelqing. And the result shows the before and after effect of jelqing on the man. The result of the research shows that it takes at least a month before any noticeable changes occur in the penis. And in some cases, it took some men up to four months to see changes. Additionally, the average growth in length and girth were ten percent and seven percent respectively. While those were the averages, some men recorded growths that exceed these numbers. It is worth noting that increasing the girth takes longer than increasing the length of the penis.

You can gain in girth and length if you do the jelqing exercise properly as highlighted by the steps above. Furthermore, please note that you’ll have to start with at least 100 jelqs (cycles) every five minutes. Please take care to start at a slow pace in the beginning and then upping it once your body (your penis) gets into the groove. In all, know that it takes time, painstakingly invest that time, and you’ll be the happier for it.

Basic Jelqing Routine

Following is a basic jelqing routine. Do the following routine two to three times a week to start. Shoot for every other day at first, then advance towards five days on, two days off.

*5 minutes             warm up
*5 minutes             stretches
*10 minutes           jelq
*5 minutes            warm down