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Custom Made Chambers


Saturday, July 21, 2018

VIDEO: Cable Weight Stand Assembly Tutorial

How to Assemble Your Cable Weight Stand

- All right hey everyone. We are gonna be going through the assembly of the cable weight stand or the roller stand. 
So we're gonna start at the bottom with the support feet, the bars here. All right, so first thing is you're gonna wanna take this and put it through the hole here. The hole at the very bottom and there's a hole on the other side. Just make sure it fits through, and what you'll want to do is make sure that the hole in here is pointing downwards so that screw can go into it, so you can adjust it with both fingers or you can use your finger in the middle to adjust it. 
All right once you got that in the right spot you'll then take your bolt here, and you'll put it through the smaller end on here not the larger side. So small end first, and then holding it one finger, and holding this with two you can use your eyes to make sure that it fits into the hole, and then you can apply pressure and tighten with your hand to start, once you feel that it has a nice grip, you can use your hex tool, it's a 5 mm hex tool to finish up with the tightening. And that's it, now it's all together, and you're just gonna repeat the same with the other side. 
Okay, we're gonna be going to the top of the assembly, so in order to get these two holes going, we gotta have washers on the outside and the inside, on the inside here. So, what I would suggest is getting your bolt, putting a washer on it, putting it slightly through, enough so where a washer can hang on to the bolt, and then once you have that on, you can go ahead and put this in just a little bit enough so that it can go through the hole. Push it through. You don't want to push it all the way through, 'cause we still need a washer on the other side, and I like to adjust this, and kinda move this out of the way a little bit, so that the bolt is kinda hanging out there a little bit. 
All right, and then you can kind of slip this washer kinda in there, you gotta squeeze it in. Make sure you have your finger on this other side so the bolt doesn't push out, and then you kinda squeeze it so it fits through the hole. Now you put your last washer on, all right and then you put nut on. I just probably would do this about hand tight for now, and then once you're know that everything is good you can come back, use your adjustable wrench and your hex tool to tighten everything up. 
Okay, now we're gonna be putting the other arm together, and also assembling the adjustable knob. So what you'll do, there a pin, kind of a metal tab that is, that this is going to push on. So you wanna make sure that that is following this side that this is going into. 
All right so you just slide it in make sure it's in fully, nice and tight, and your gonna take this and just simply screw it in. Just like that. I can adjust, Now it won't move, see? All right, that's it for that part. All right now for the last part, the roller stand itself. So you're gonna want to attach this to the open end here, not the back with the two holes. All right so you're gonna take the two holes here, place it on and you put your bolt through the hole so it comes out on the other side. Now, just take your washer, keep your finger on the other side, you can turn it over if you need to, and then attach the bolts. I'll just hand tighten it for now. 
All right, and then we're going to repeat the other bolt put it in, sure it fits through the other side and hold and then you can attach the other nut. Again just hand tight is good for now. Okay So once that is all good, then you can come back with your hex tool and adjustable wrench to tighten these together, and that's it. All right guys, hope that helped.

Friday, July 20, 2018

VIDEO REVIEW: Cable Weight Stand Set Up

You simply install your LG Hanger onto your penis, find a chair you can comfortably sit in, and position it in such a way that when you are seated you can rest your feet on the base leg (see photos). Once you determine where you want to position stand (this is all dependent on the height of the chair you are sitting in and how tall you are). Then hook your weight onto the cable with the cable clamp, pull the cable up over the roller ring with the groove in it. Holding onto the opposite end of the cable with your hand, sit down and then attach the end of the cable with your double end hook that came in your package to the end of our LG Hanger. You might have to adjust the cable clamp so that the weight doesn't hit the floor.

The exercises that you can do are by changing the angle of pull by raising or lowering the height of the roller. You do this by loosening the red lock handle and lowering or raising the roller. You can also do a "bundle twist" by turning the cable left or right to put a half or full twist onto your penis while you are hanging.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

VIDEO REVIEW- RMan Demo Review of Cable Weight Stand (CWS)

Hello gentlemen. This is Rman, coming to you live from Las Vegas Nevada. Demonstrating the roller stand from LG Hanger.It is quite comfortable. I put some weights on the backside cause I don’t want the stand to roll, just as a precaution for myself, and I’m sitting here watching Formula One practice this Friday evening 841 West Coast time.I can sit in the position for hours if I choose to. This is very quite comfortable. I’ve used other hanger positions or other hanger products before, didn’t like them, got with LG, made me feel very comfortable, took the measurements, sent it back to them, and they sent it to They said m, 7 to 10 days business days, got the product and love the product and using it working very well my goal is to go to 10 inches 7 1/4 and so I will be pursuing that and I use the LG Hanger plus a bath mate and I do the jelqing. I do all the exercises you know I follow Kingsnake that guy he’s amazing he’s done a lot in the last couple years and not trying to compete with the brother cause he’s already got me beat by 3 inches but I’m trying to make my own goals satisfy my own wants so this is Rman coming to you live from Las Vegas using the LG Hanger Roller Stand, signing off,you guys need to get with this take care