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Custom Made Chambers


Thursday, September 21, 2017

SAFETY FIRST-This guy should have tried our LG Hanger System.

Taken directly from KOMO News Website post:
Man reportedly gets penis stuck in barbell weight, firefighters use saw to get it out
by Stephen Pimpo Jr./ABC7

Tuesday, September 19th 2017

A weight that got stuck on a man's " sensitive body part" in Germany. (Photo: Worms Fire Brigade)

WORMS, Germany (ABC7) — It took three hours of work with a cutting grinder, vibrating saw and a hydraulic rescue device to get a man's penis out of a barbell weight on Friday.

Firefighters in Germany were called to a hospital in Worms for a man with a "very sensitive body part" stuck in the hole of a 2.5 kilogram weight, according to a translation of a post on their Facebook page.

Media outlets like SB Nation, The Kansas City Star, Daily Mail and The Independent all report that the body part was the man's penis.

The fire department says it was the result of a "curious training accident."

"Please do not imitate such actions," fire officials warned on their Facebook page.

The weigh was left cut into five pieces following the removal process.

The fire department's full statement, according to Google Translate, can be read below:

"Application report: Curious training accident - assistance for the clinic

How a few of our fire fighters can be so delicate is shown by a message from the somewhat different kind which arrived at the control center today, Friday, 15.09.2017. The professional fire brigade was called to the hospital in Worms. One person had a very sensitive body part in the hole of a 2.5 kg dumbbell disc clamped. With the aid of the cutting grinder, a vibrating saw and a hydraulic rescue device, the weight could be removed after three hours.

The fire brigade and a firefighter of the voluntary unit were the city center.

Please do not imitate such actions!"

Monday, September 11, 2017

VIDEO: Chamber Leaking Slippage Vacuum Loss


All righty, guys, so you've got your LG Hanger out. Now the method that I like to use, you can definitely just still roll it up like usual, but other than that I'm going to just apply a little bit of oil to the top of the chamber. If you haven't seen in other videos, this is just a lot simpler of a method for me. Just being able to slide it right up the entire chamber seems to be an easier approach, just make sure it doesn't catch on anything. So now you've got a nice big opening to put your glands in. 

All right, so I do also like to just place a little bit, like a tiny amount, of oil on the inside of the chamber so that your penis can just slide on in. Now right here guys, I've got a sleeve that is actually the correct size for me. Now many people might have trouble of them losing suction or they think that it could be the valve at the top or something else is going on. Now I've got a few recommendations, but the first one is definitely going to be one, making sure the sleeve is the correct size. However, if you don't want to have to pay for another sleeve, or at least just not yet, you can definitely get by. We have something that is going to adjust and fluctuate just like your penis size while you're hanging. So what am I going to do is attach the LG Hanger just like normal. If you haven't seen the attaching video, go and watch that. I do like to just slide myself in before I actually slide the sleeve down. I'm going to apply the pressure and so just so I get pulled all the way to the end of the chamber, I'll get myself to about five to 10 inches of mercury with the pressure. 

Then what I'm going to do is actually pull my skin back. If you haven't got skin because you are circumcised, that is totally fine. Your skin's not even going to be there, but if you are uncircumcised like I am, just pull the skin back slightly. Either roll or slide the sleeve back down. You may find that there is a loss of suction somewhere. Now many may think that with the LG Hanger could be the valve up here, but honestly this thing is super high quality, super rigid. I really don't think that is going to be the issue. I most likely think that the chances are going to be a lot higher that it is the sleeve, either the size or even the seal where the sleeve makes contact with the chamber itself, in which case what I would recommend as well is cleaning your whole device really thoroughly with soap, so by the time that you actually dry it over, the material of the sleeve is actually tacky again, so it actually makes a nice tight seal, an airtight seal onto the chamber. 

Then obviously utilizing some kind of band if that doesn't work as well. What I would recommend is getting a zip tie, tying it over the sleeve, attaching it to the chamber. You'll find that any kind of zip tie will have the sharp edges once you're finished. So what I would recommend is chucking over a rubber band like this one. You can easily just protect not only the sleeves but yourself from the sharp edges of the zip tie by placing that band over. 

Now once the sleeve is down, guys, all right, just give it a few more pumps up. I'm going to pump up to my usual pressure. Now this is where the problem usually comes in, which is where you might start losing suction, maybe even it only occurs at around about five to 10 minutes in. So what I'm going to recommend is detach the pump and if the pump is already detached with another device, that's totally fine, we're going to get back to adding that pressure, whichever method of adding pressure it is with your device. Now all you're going to do guys is get a short amount of sleeve. Now LG Hanger actually does come with a substantial amount of sleeve. So what you can do is just cut off a shorter amount of section. Let's say that you do get a spare sleeve like this one here. It's not even going to have to be too much at all. Try make enough room so that you can at least double the sleeve over. 

So if I cut it really thin, I can only utilize that one band. So what I'm going to do is cut it long enough so that I can actually double it over, which looks like this. So it's actually going to make a thicker band and that's, I've got still some spare sleeve, and now literally all I'm going to do with that one band, if the one layer is going to be enough, I will know throughout my hang. I'm going to place it over the entire chamber and all the way down to the bottom of the sleeve that is attached to my penis. Now what this is going to do is add tightness, so we're going to get an extremely good seal. 

All right, now what I would recommend as well guys, just to prevent any possible friction, that is definitely possible, so please keep these in mind, but what are you going to want to do is add just lubrication or oil all the way down the shaft and especially where the sleeve is going to double over because now there's going to possibly be more friction. Now if you hang guys, it should be successful and if it's not, if it's still not tight enough, it definitely means that the sleeve is too big for you, but what you can do because you've cut off a good length of extra sleeve to place over, is just double over the sleeve. So now I've got two layers of extra sleeve and make sure that sits right at the bottom, and now I've got that extra firmness, extra grip, and extra tight seal. All right, so that seal should not be going anywhere at all. You can definitely do this with a tiny bit of sleeve. It definitely has that ability to shrink and expand when you need it, as your penis fluctuate in size, or who knows, the sleeve may just be too big and it's not actually tight enough to get that vacuum and airtight seal. So this will definitely do the trick

ARTICLE: Slippage- Why it happens & What to do

SLIPPAGE: Why it happens & What to do

Slippage can be an issue when clients are still in the infancy stage of the hanging process. As a client gains more experience and tissue maturity/conditioning the penis will respond differently. The penis slowly make a transition into a place where it remains fuller all the time and when beginning a hang session clients find that within about 10 minutes or less the penis will begin to expand and fill the chamber.

What is being experienced now is that the penis is getting thinner while being stretched, and hasn’t really been experiencing the expansion that will come with it. So as a client hangs his penis becomes a little thinner, which compromises the seal between the silicon sleeve and the penis skin. What happens is the client slowly lose a little bit of vacuum, and considering the volume of space inside the chamber, 10 Hg's is a tiny puff of air. 

We pressure test each and every chamber system prior to shipping to ensure that vacuum integrity is established. I can say with 100% complete certainty that it's not your chamber leaking vacuum that is causing any slippage you might experience. The one exception would be is if you dropped or damaged your chamber in some way that broke the pneumatic fitting on the chamber. Any slippage you experience is always the result of a compromised seal between the silicon rubber sleeve on your chamber and you penis skin.

*If you are slipping a little within the first 15-20 minutes, just stop, remove chamber, jelq a little blood into your penis and make sure your glans protection wrap is secured, then re-load into the chamber and draw fresh vacuum. You can try doing a few "prime" pumps to help pull blood into your penis and make your penis expand inside the chamber.

Do this.... get into the chamber, draw out 10 - 15 Hg of vacuum pressure (if you've never done this start with 10 Hg and assess your tolerance). Hold the pressure for 10 seconds and release, then repeat this 3 or 4 times. It actually feels very pleasurable to feel the blood fill and expand your penis. After you achieve some expansion, disconnect hose and attach weight and begin your hang!

If you start to experience slip after 15 - 20 minutes, then start over again. Remember we are trying to stress the entire penile anatomy and fatigue it. So it really doesn't matter how many shorter sets it takes. If you can go a full hour without experiencing any slipping then you're really on you way to seeing a metamorphosis of your penis

ARTICLE: Is my Chamber Leaking Vacuum?

Checking the chamber for vacuum leak

My chamber is leaking and I think it’s at the female fitting.

Unless you dropped and damaged your chamber I seriously doubt your fitting is leaking. I personally leak test each chamber before it ships. The pneumatic fittings we use are of the highest quality that can be purchased. I wrap the threads with Teflon tape and incorporate a Bunna rubber o’ring on each fitting that bottoms on a flat machined counter bored surface on the top of the chamber.

You can easily leak check the chamber for yourself. Just remove the rubber sleeve, and find a hair-less section of skin on your abdomen or thigh. Plug the hand pump hose into the chamber, firmly hold the mouth of the chamber against your skin and draw out vacuum just as you would if you were performing a hang session. Go up to 10 – 15 Hg and look at the needle on the hand pump gauge. If the fitting is leaking the needle will immediately drop to zero.

The main reason for anyone to experience a leak or loss of vacuum is due to a compromised seal between the silicon rubber sleeve and your penis skin. There are several reasons for a leak to occur here.

1) Your sleeve could be dirty with skin oil.

2) You could have a sleeve that is worn out and may need replaced.

3) Your sleeve could be too big, and if that’s the case you can order a smaller sleeve.

When I fit chambers with sleeves I base my decision on the measurements a customer supplies.

4) Sometimes someone who is new to hanging will experience their penis getting thinner while it is being stretched under the weighted traction. When your penis stretches and becomes thinner, the seal between the rubber sleeve and your penis skin will become compromised.

If you experience number four and the weight starts to slip, simply just remove the chamber, check your glans protection wrap and reload with fresh vacuum. Remember the goal is to reach fatigue and if it takes two or three reloads every 15 – 20 minutes to complete your hang session just consider that part of the conditioning curve.

Eventually you will gain the tissue maturity required to go a full hour without any complications. You will get to a place where your penis actually starts to expand and fill your chamber. To help promote this condition you can start your hang session by “priming” your chamber with vacuum five or six times. To do this just draw vacuum out of your chamber using 10 -15 Hg’s of pressure. Hold for 3 to 5 seconds, release the pressure and repeat. You should see your glans expand and fill with blood. This will help promote a better hang session and help prevent slippage.