Custom Made Chambers

Custom Made Chambers


Sunday, February 4, 2018


We often get questions about what size silicon sleeve would be appropriate for my penis size.
-Our Sleeves come in five different sizes, and all diameter sizes are measured from the internal
diameter. They are - .75" or 3/4", .875" or 7/8", 1.0" or 1", 1.125" or 1 1/8", 1.375 or 1 3/8"  and all (except the .75" and 1.375 which are 4" long) are 8" long.
-The Girth Bands come in four different sizes and are also measured from the internal diameter.  They are-.875" or 7/8", 1.0", 1.125" or 1 1/8", and 1.25" or 1 1/4".

Generally speaking the size of your ERECT penis girth will determine the best size sleeve/Girth Band for you.
The circumference girth measurement or the diameter around your penis below the glans is
where I suggest the measurement be taken. The silicon sleeves are very pliable and will stretch
significantly without tearing! I have been able to take all three sizes of  sleeve's and easily stretch them over a baseball with no difficulty.

SLEEVES - Here is a *General Guide line:
*A general guideline for choosing the correct size would be to measure your ERECT penis base to mid shaft

If your girth circumference is 

3.0" - 3 3/4" then a .750 sleeve would be recommended.

3 3/4" - 4 1/2" then a .875" sleeve would be appropriate.

4 1/2" - 5 1/2" then a 1.0" sleeve would be appropriate.

5 1/2" - 6 5/8" then a 1.125" sleeve would be appropriate.

6 5/8" or larger in girth circumference then a 1.375" sleeve would be best

GIRTH BAND - Here is a *General Guide line:
*A general guideline for choosing the correct size would be to measure your ERECT penis at the base

If your girth circumference is:

3" - 4" then a .875" Girth Band would be recommended.

4" - 5" then a 1.0" Girth Band would be recommended.

5" - 6" then a 1.125" Girth Band would be recommended.

6" plus, then a 1.250" Girth Band would be recommended.

*These are general guide lines. Just like a pair of shoes or pants, its a general guide line for fitting. If you kind of in between sizes, error to the smaller size as a smaller sleeve will stretch, were a larger can not be made smaller.

    Of course this is just a suggested guideline, if you fall in the middle of a Sleeve/Girth Band size, I always recommend the smaller Sleeve/Girth Band, as it is better to be a little more snug than too loose. As you can
always stretch a smaller Sleeve/Girth Band larger by stretching it over a larger object for 24 - 48 hours to loosen it up for a more comfortable fit.
    One of our larger guys has a 7.5" girth circumference. His 1.125" sleeve felt a little too tight, so I suggested he stretch his sleeve out larger. He decided to purchase a couple new sleeves and asked if I would stretch them over sized for him, so I rolled the sleeves up and stretched them up over a baseball bat barrel for 48 hours and they loosened up to fit him perfectly.
    How your sleeve fits you is obviously a matter of preference. So you may want to experiment
with a couple different sizes. Guys who use our sleeve for pumping tell me they use one that is
looser for that application than they do for the weight hanging. So it's really up to you the kind
of feel you want.


  1. Hello I'm going to buy silicon sleeves and I'm the vicinity of 9 cm of silicon appropriate sleeves me and the arrival of the product to Egypt Will ship via dhl Did I also helped me in the collection system fit me the whole machine with weights and everything and tell me what the final price to him
    Thank you

    1. Good Morning, You can find our system on our website at
      Once you place your order online you will receive instructions on how and where to measure yourself. If you have any questions please email me at:

  2. Do I measure my girth and flaccid state or hard? Trying to figure out the right size for sleeve and girth band.

  3. You will measure in the erect state.

  4. How much is shipping to the UK please?