Custom Made Chambers

Custom Made Chambers


Friday, December 15, 2017

TUTORIAL: King Snake Hanging 25 Pounds Sleeve Review

Kingsnake a.k.a. Zane 22 checking in.

Hanging with the LG Hanger m. Just trying out the new rubber.

Seems to be a lot more strong durable. With it, I’m able to hang 25 pounds as you can see.

Doesn’t feel that bad.

If I wanted too I probably could go even heavier.

So I’m not going to attempt it just yet.

Maybe next week but,

Yea, the LG Hanger‘s pretty good you know I can feel the stress throughout the entire penis and the lig’s.

Getting a good swing here thoroughly stress the internal tissues within the base.

I’ll give you a different view sideways view.

This will probably last long time before I need a replacement.

All right this is a king snake using the LG Hanger hang and 25 pounds 20 minutes up Checking out.


  1. I want to buy "25 Pound Penis Weight Hanging King Snake".

    What is the cost .

    I m from India

  2. Krishan,
    You can purchase the LG hanger System that is shown above by visiting our website. I will post the direct link below for your convenience. We ship to all countries international and you can choose your method of shipment at the time you check out.