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Friday, January 13, 2017

ARTICLE: Warming up - Penis Exercise Prep

PE Warm Ups 

Dr. Richard R Howard II

Warming up your penis is a lot like warming up your body before you hit the gym- it increases gains, increases tissue flexibility, and decreases chances of injury. The warm up involves exactly what it sounds, "warming up" your penis.

To Do a Basic Warm-Up:

Step 1
Massage your penis to semi-erection.

Step 2
Proceed with the warm up method of choice, as discussed below.

Step 3
Keep your penis in warm-up mode for about 5-10 minutes.

NOTE- You may also sit in a hot tub to achieve the warm-up effect.

Heat Lamp

One device that achieves all of the above and also has the added benefit for increased blood flow more efficiently, is the heat lamp. A heat lamp may be purchased from or one can construct such from the following parts found at a hardware store. The parts would be an industrial light fixture, IR bulb, a hose clamp of appropriate size to attach the industrial light fixture to a flexible camera tripod. This can be positioned no closer than 2 feet away from the crotch for 5 to 10 minutes.

General Electric is one manufacturer of IR bulbs, which generally comes in 250 watts.

As mentioned above, the heat lamp is placed 2 feet away from the penis in the crotch area, no closer, optimum heat is desired. This will project a broad beam of heat, safely, to the entire crotch area, similar to sitting on the beach one summer day, or hot tub. Be sure to palpate yourself to feel the degree of tissue warmth.

This can be done after insertion into the LG Hanger, for example. Since LG Hanger is clear it allows the warmth to come in to the penis. With the other heating methods listed below, it is best to insert your penis into the LG Hanger subsequently or after the heating warm-up.

The Rice Sock, Warm Towel or Heating Pad

The "rice sock" for warm ups, is very useful. Take a clean sock, and fill it no more than half way with uncooked rice. Place it in a microwave under optimum not maximum time and power so that the rice gets to the desired temperature. Use a microwave for approximately one minute. Be sure to always feel the sock so that it does not have too much heat, this is best done by moving the rice in the sock around to make sure no excess heat is captured within the rice. This is a learning curve, be very conservative at first, and as you learn to gauge the heat, proceed safely.

Once your rice sock is heated to the desired temperature, rap rice sock around your semi erect penis. The heated rice inside the sock will warm your penis up in much the same way as a hot wrap.

The warm towel and heating pad is self-explanatory. One can use a hand towel found in your bathroom. Soak it in warm water and apply by wrapping it around the penis for approximately 10 minutes, you may need to reheat the towel in warm water and reapply.

Heating pads are usually common home items as well. With the heating pad make sure you only Set It On Low. Place the heating pad around the penis for 10 minutes. Under no circumstances increase the heat setting above low! The low setting will give an adequate warm-up for your penis

NOTE: WARNING! DO NOT overheat your heat lamp, or any other method! Your penis, like the rest of your body, is sensitive to heat- even more so. You can cause SERIOUS burns if the method is too hot.

The warm-up tools may be the heat lamp, rice sock, warm towel, or heating pad. Proper warming up is a MUST before you workout your penis. Please note, if one is performing two workout sessions a.m. and p.m., it is necessary to perform a warm-up before both sessions. Some members cut corners a bit on their warm ups, because they are pressed for time, five minutes may do as an alternate time duration.

Richard R. Howard II, Dr. PH, MS, MPH (Tulane University Graduate)

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