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Custom Made Chambers


Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Weight Rings Measurement Guidelines

Suggest size for FLACCID girths

Hello PE Enthusiasts,

    Last year was a very productive year for LG Hanger! The design and development of our new 1 1/2 lb. weight ring has finally come to fruition. I'm pleased to say the long arduous process of manufacturing and testing is complete.

    We've listened and responded to requests to come up with a low traction / extended wear device that's user friendly and inexpensive enough for all men to enjoy and benefit from.

    While many men are interested in enhancing the size of their manhood, just as many are concerned about penile health and erection quality. Designing a device that could achieve both was of our main objective. With all the television ads that are addressing erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease, men are seeking solutions now more than ever.

    The pharmaceutical industry is at the forefront and wants men to believe that drugs are the solution to both problems.
We at LG Hanger endeavor to offer more of a holistic approach to problem solving these issues. Can a mild amount of traction placed upon the penis help to overcome ED and Peyronie's conditions? Many urologists are suggesting that it can. To buttress that observation, take a look at the various devices such as penis pumps , "extenders" and all-day stretcher devices that are currently being marketed with doctor endorsements. Many such devices are poorly made, expensive and not user friendly.
We read thousands of forum reviews, personal emails and field numerous phone calls from men who back up that observation.

    Switching gears to those who are more interested in male enhancement or penis enlargement. I'm not going to get into the variety of reasons for men's personal motivations to enlarge their penis. There are just too many to address and I'm not Dr. Phil. Suffice it to say most men don't want to be what is considered average, and I've never heard any man other than Howard Stern brag about being less than average. So how does the LGH 1.5 lb. weight ring compliment those who train for size? It provides enough traction to prevent your penis from retracting or as the penis enlargement community refers to as "turtling". It's a supplemental device to be worn after more intense penis enlargement training, that will prevent your penis from retracting while you recover.

    There are four sizes, all of which are 1 1/2 lbs. Each size is commensurate with our LGH Girth Bands. It is recommended that you use a Girth Band or a portion of silicon sleeve under the weight ring to provide grip and comfort.
You can however use a Tender tape wrap under the weight ring if desired. It's important to choose the appropriate size for correct fit. The ring is held together with two magnets and once installed will employ a small amount of compression along with the grip of the silicon Girth Band or sleeve to hold it in place. This will ensure good blood flow and prevent any circulatory compromise.

    Extensive testing has determined that a single ring can be worn up to three continuous hours, however most men need to relieve themselves approximately every other hour depending on fluid intake. Since the rings are easy to installed and remove, bathroom breaks are easily accomplished. For those who want to use a little more weight, two rings can be worn simultaneously too. Testing revealed that two rings can be worn for approximately 1.5 to 2 hours with no difficulty. With two rings however you can experience a little bit of edema in the frenulum area. If so, a moderately snug compression wrap can be used to eliminate that condition after sustained wear times.

    Choosing which size LGH weight ring that is appropriate for you depends on a few things. I personally recommend that a LGH Girth Band or a section of one of our silicon sleeves is worn underneath the weight ring. A couple reasons for that are the Girth Band or section of silicon sleeve will provide comfort and prevent any potential skin pinch. Secondly it will help provide grip. The LGH weight rings are designed to be held in place with only a minimal amount of compression so as to not compromise circulation. They are not like a compression clamp that you can tighten up. The two halves are held together with two small magnets rated at 9 lbs. of pull, this ensures that the two halves will snap together when installed. A small gap of 3/32" or 2.4 mm was removed from the center of the two halves in order to help provide a minimal amount of compression. If you decide you do not want to use a Girth Band or section of silicon sleeve and instead want to use a wrap that's fine. However, you will likely want to use one size smaller of a ring. The reason is because both our LGH Girth Bands and sleeves all have a 1/8" or 3mm wall thickness that takes up space inside the internal diameter of the weight ring.
Lastly, depending on the location along the shaft where one places the weight ring is important too. There aren't too many men who have uniform girth throughout the entire length of their penis. Most men, including myself have a smaller girth circumference below the glans than at mid shaft. So, if you intend on wearing two rings, one below glans and one mid shaft you will probably require two different sizes of ring.


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  2. Leao, You will need to go to our website to order. Here is the direct link to the 1.125 size

  3. Is this product to increase girth or length?

    1. Neither..... 1 1/2 lbs. of traction just isn't enough to cause any significant increase in length of girth.
      The LGH Weight Rings were designed to be a supplement to weight hanging or intense hand stretching sessions. They help cement gains while you recover from more intense PE training and to keep your flaccid penis from retracting or as the PE community refers to it as "turtling". They work best with a LGH Girth band at the base of your penis and under each weight ring. See Our article on Weight Rings