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Custom Made Chambers


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

VIDEO TUTORIAL: LGH Extender Demo by DiscoStick

LG Hanger Extender Tutorial Video Demo by DiscoStick

All right. Hey everyone, I'm going to be going over LG's new product, called the LG Extender. Let's go right here. Great quality. And so we're going to be going over how to install it. Now just keep in mind this is an accessory, so you will need the LG Hanger already. This is a good method to stretch if you don't want to use any weights. These springs will create the tension for you, so it's pretty nice.

So let's get to installing.

So first you're going to need to make sure that your LG Hanger is ready, secured, and on. And then, as you see already, I've unscrewed the top little hook here. So you need to unscrew it. The LG Extender will come with a 10 millimeter wrench. This is my own, but they will have some for you. So, yeah, just unscrew I. And then you're going to screw in this top attachment. Now you want to make sure that the flat side is pointing out, not towards the LG Hanger. Because there are some grooves in here that the springs will fit into, so make sure that the flat part is facing out. All right, so you're just going to screw in the hole. I usually just do finger-type first. Get it all the way in until you can't screw in with your finger anymore, and then you get the wrench to finish it off. Make sure it's nice and tight.

All right, so as you see, we are good to go. Flat site up. So now as far as the extender goes, what you'll do is you'll grab the opening here on the base ring and you'll slide it over your penis. At the base, make sure it's at the base. And then once it's on, make sure it's firmly at the base. Now as far as the springs go ... I want to make sure we got a good angle here. So the springs, you're just going to slide back and put into the groove. Alright, so same with the other side. Slide back and put into the groove.

All right, so from here you can then go ahead and tighten up the tension equally. All right. And so then you'll get a nice pull.

So that's pretty much it. And then you're installed and you're ready to to do your thing. Now this is meant to be used stationary. You can move around a little bit with it, but it's very minimal movement. So just take caution if you do try to be mobile. One other thing are these little safety bolts up here ... Or safety screws. So you want to use these at the top of your tension, wherever you want to stop, and this will make sure you don't get any more tension. Helps keep things nice and secure and a little more put together when you add these in.

So that's all. It's really easy to install, really easy to use. I've enjoyed using it. As far as the quality, it's definitely top notch. I couldn't recommend it more. I've used it a few times already. So hopefully you all enjoyed this video, and enjoy your hanging.


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