Custom Made Chambers

Custom Made Chambers


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

VIDEO REVIEW: LG Hanger Penis Enlargement System TOTAL MAN


Custom designed and crafted to your penis. 
World class, high quality materials, leaders in the field of vacuum penis hanging and penis enlargement. 
The highest likelihood of seeing the greatest results you've ever had. 
The LG Hanger. 

Okay, okay, before I get carried away too much, in this video, I'll be taking you through a full review of the LG Hanger vacuum-based penis hanger. I'd like to not only take you through my experience from, literally, start to finish, I'd also like to go over some pros, cons because I'd like to give you a full experience. I'm starting right at their website which is brilliantly designed and easy to navigate. Heaps of good information and easy to find the items and whatever you're looking for. The checkout was real simple. Obviously just enter in all your details and you're good to go. Now, upon contacting Marlin at LG Hanger, the response was instant, which I believe is a great sign. If customer service is great before you buy it, then I feel like you know that you'll be looked after once you do buy the product and if you ever need help thereon after. Now, because it is custom-made, literally, to your penis, and with the finest materials that obviously have to be purchased on their end, the expected manufacturing time that was emailed to me was seven to ten days, and time for postage to Australia from the U.S. was supposedly seven to fourteen days, so I was willing to wait a while. However, my product literally got to my post office within 10 days, which was awesome. Now if you're like me when you're ordering something and you want it the next day, not to worry because it is well worth the wait. And you know like the saying, good things come to those who wait. The e-mails were very prompt along with the receipt, tracking number, and all the check-ups. It was just a really smooth transaction. All I had to do was send them my measurements after the purchase and the next thing you know, ten days later, the product arrived. Finally, a LG Hanger.

-Dude, you got a new package.

-I know, man, I'm so excited.

-What is it?

- It's a vacuum penis hanger. You know, to hang weights off your penis to make some awesome length gain.

-  I'm sorry, what, wait.

- Was I supposed to keep that to myself? All righty, guys, the moment you've been waiting for, the, probably not the moment you've been waiting for but the unboxing of the LG Hanger. More or less a parcel, unparceling maybe. Let's go ahead and cut this puppy open. Oh there's another package. Oh there's another package. What is this, pass the parcel? At least we know that the product isn't gonna get damaged because this is actually like a bubble wrap packaging. So that is really good to know, that there's effort into the packaging. I think that's really when you know that there's a quality product inside.
 Oh, and there it is, woo-hoo. This is exciting. Wow, this is a big unit. I actually wasn't expecting it to be this big. It's got that brand new, fresh smell. So it literally comes like a package. I'm pretty sure there's a Velcro strap, kind of like a double-sided clip system that you put your whites onto. I've got some kind of firm tape, some brand new elastic bandage, the actual hanger chamber itself with some tubing so you can unclip or clip, what looks like about five to six inches of a silicon sleeve, two rubber bands. So I'm pretty sure I've got the package B. It's actually without one of the trigger handle pump. Now, the only reason I did this was because I actually have my own trigger handle pump with a gauge and all that actually hooks up to my LA vacuum pressure penis pump. And what it also comes with, which is real handy, is obviously an instruction manual. I actually got LG Hanger hanging system package B. 
Now for something that is absolutely custom, this thing is impeccable. It is honestly a masterpiece of design, ingenuity, creativity. It's not actually too heavy either. So what it comes with is a ready silicon sleeve attached, so obviously that's how you attach it with the rubber band. And it's pretty good, it comes with the vacuum hose. It can actually unclip and the vacuum pressure will maintain inside because there's a one way valve that springs into action so you don't lose any pressure and if you wanted to either take it off or even pump some more pressure in, you simply clip it in and off you go. Now obviously you do have this double sided clip system that you can probably use as like a clip and then clip it on your weights. Now depending on however you would hang your weights, what I wanna cover in another video is actually what I use. I use just a U shape kind of anchor, like this. Fully stainless steal, probably about four dollars Australian and a simple carabiner, also stainless steel, probably another few dollars. Now the reason why I like this, and especially with possibly a hanger like this, is because of how low line it is, right. So I actually hang my plate just here. It doesn't take up much distance at all. So even if you wanted to sit, it'd be really good. So to really quickly go over the pros and cons to the LG Hanger itself, and even in comparison to a normal compression hanger. Let's start with the cons, alright, gonna start with the negatives. It's a bit pricey, I must say, but it's custom made and the quality of this material, honestly, it's gonna be lifelong I reckon. It's so solid you can just about kill someone with it. Not that you would guys, all I'm saying is you get what you pay for. Now it may take some time getting used to, trying to figure it out and get the right fit, but once you do, it's good. 
There is a risk of getting blisters if you use it for too long without proper conditioning and you know you learn how to listen to your penis properly, so there is that risk. Another con is you may be limited to go to about 20 pounds, which is technically way more than enough and more than you should need because you should only be starting with one pound and slowly and incrementally be working your way up, conditioning the glands, skin, and other tissues, that obviously need that time. For instance, compression hanger, now in terms of the weight, just to give you an idea, comparing it to a compression hanger, there's literally almost no limit. Another con is it just may take a little tiny bit longer to put on then a compression hanger, but really no biggie. But comparing it to the amount of time you'll be saving because you won't need to take it off for up to an hour, you will definitely be saving a lot of time. So technically it's actually quickly. 
Now for the pros. The chamber is custom made to your penis. What other product does that guys? The quality is seriously high. Both of these pros is really where the price comes in. However it's so comfortable once you work out what feels right for you, the right fitting, the right pressure, the right length of sleeve, you're good to go. It's never, ever, ever cutting off any circulation, only allowing new, fresh flow of blood throughout the entire penis for the whole session. That is good news. It's stretching the entire penis from the glands all the away to the base and not just where a, let's say, a compression hanger would grab onto just behind the glands. Although one con was limited weight at 20 pounds, honestly it should be way more than enough for most hangers, especially if you're up to intermediate and even advanced. If you do it right and you don't allow the ligaments and particular tissues to tighten up and get too strong, that is way more than enough weight. 
Another pro is you can honestly hang for three times as longer then a compression hanger. It said in the instructions for the LG Hanger that you should probably go up to an hour, or you're allowed to go up to an hour, and you should probably check in, which is a good idea, however with a compression hanger, you literally have to take off the compression hanger, like the bib hanger or the male hanger, every 20 minutes just to restore that blood flow so there is that risk of cutting off blood circulation and it's also turning what would be once two hours of hanging into literally three hours. So a pro is you're saving actually a lot of time. 
And another pro is just great customer service and support. Now another thing I wanna mention is because of it's safety, in terms of not cutting off blood circulation or risking permanent damage, I don't even set my countdown timer like I would with a compression hanger for 20 minutes anymore. I just set my timer that goes up and will hang for as long as I need to and then just record the drop in weights to the time in my load. Also I've tried hanging with an ADS stretcher before and the chambers are just way too small. Even though it's nice and comfy when you're wearing it under clothes throughout the entire day, but they're not designed for a lot of weight like the LG Hanger is. For instance, I've tried hanging 11 pounds with an ADS like the Phallosan Forte, or even a stretcher I found off eBay which was only fifty bucks. The head of it was painful so I couldn't. Now with the LG Hanger, no problem. So would I recommend the LG Hanger? 110%. It has honestly been the comfiest vacuum pressure hanger or any device that I've actually used to hang that amount of weight that is obviously necessary to see those results that we're all wishing for if you're in the penis enlargement game. Now when it comes to the penis, your penis, my penis, we've all got just one. So I'm telling you right now, you get what you pay for and the more quality, even the more custom fit, just like the LG Hanger, the better your experience, comfort, results, but also safety. Safety is gonna be a huge one in this guys. The last thing we want is to be counter intuitive or productive and actually go backwards, cause injuries and possibly even permanent damage, alright. So yes, the LG Hanger, as maybe a con is a little bit expensive, but for the sake of the custom fit, the experience, the quality is just insane. If you've used the LG Hanger, let me know in the comments. I'd love to know about your experience. And if you have any questions about the LG Hanger or any videos that you would like me to include in the series to come, please leave them in the comments as well. I'd love to help and I'd love to do those videos for you as well. Also make sure to go across to LG Hanger's web

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