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Custom Made Chambers


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

VIDEO TUTORIAL: LGH Extender Demo by TotalMan

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In this video, guys, I'll be taking you through how to not only set up the LG Hanger to the new rod system while at the time of this video, how to actually set up the bar that it comes with on the rod system, on to the LG Hanger, super simple. And then, I'll actually show you how to attach, in my opinion, the best way possible.

Now I won't be going into too much depth on actually how to attach the actual chamber itself. This video is mainly to cover how the rod system is not only going to be hooked up from the top bar onto the chamber, how to actually attach once you're in the rod system, but also how to adjust the system as well.

So first things first, you're most likely going to need maybe some pair of pliers, or even a shifter of some sort to fit on that head just there.

So what we're going to do is loosen off that nut nice and simple. As you can see, it comes off nice and easy, undo and undo the last long one. As you can see, it's precisely been machined in there. We're going to take that top bar off so you can chuck it on nice and easy, . pull down the springs, so you can detach that, or you can literally just undo the nuts and it will free up the springs a lot more.

What you're going to do is pretty much position this straight on the top of your LG Hanger chamber, place it through the hole, and screwing it back in just as if you were screwing the ice screw in. I just realized, I said  screw before, but it is an eye screw.

So once it's actually in your chamber, go ahead and tighten up that nut. Make sure it's nice and tight. Not too tight, it's actually not going to go anywhere. It's just so that this actually doesn't spin around at all.

Now all you have to do is attach the chamber and I'll show you the rest.

Okay, guys, for the sake of this tutorial, I won't be going into too much depth about the LG Hanger chamber itself. However, I do want to give you a couple more tips on the way that this may attach, and another method that I actually found, which I almost was trying to avoid, but it seems to actually work for me in my personal opinion, a little bit better and a little bit easier.

Now, all I do is literally get a little bit of coconut oil, like tiny, you almost can't even see that. And, what I'm going to do is put it on the outside of the chamber, all the way down the sleeve. And I'm actually going to not roll, but slide the sleeve up. You'll see how easy it comes up.

So now I've got a real slippery surface on the underside of the sleeve, technically the outside when it's going to slide down, and now I'm faced with the inside of the sleeve and the inside of the chamber.

Now as always, I like to get a little bit of tissue just to put it on the bottom, to save from any of the taping damp or getting moisture just from, I guess the heat of your penis. Plus guys, we're actually pulling on the urethra and the other end of the urethra is obviously the bladder. So the chances of actually pulling through fluids is kind of high, so that's why I always advise you to chuck in a little bit of tissue down the bottom.

Now I'm not going to take you through the taping method. If you want to see how to tape, do go to the ultimate taping guide, or the LG Hanger attaching video, or the taping guide for the LG Hanger.

Now, my next recommendation guys, before you actually put the chamber on, it does get a little bit fiddly, but you do have to put the extender or the rod system on first, purely for the fact that the chamber won't actually fit through the pelvis ring.

Now you might ask, well, why don't they make the pelvis ring a little bigger? Because you actually want this to be a nice close circumference to the size of your penis as well, so that comfort is going to be delivered in the pelvic ring.

Now another recommendation I would give you is possibly get a little bit of sleeve just for some extra comfort, and, all I do with that is place it on the pelvis ring. So you've not only got this soft bit of plastic on the pelvis, and it is a nice size as well, but just to add a little bit of extra comfort, all I'm going to do is place this over the pelvic ring and over the rods a little bit.

Now what it's going to look like is a little opening that you can easily slide through. Even though that looks nice and small, it is just silicon, so that's going to be the inside of the pelvis ring. Just adds that little bit of extra layer of fat, extra comfort and feels really good.

Not to mention guys, what I'm also going to recommend is once you've got the tape on, not before, don't touch any oil before you go for the tape. You want this tape to be as adhesive as possible, to make sure you get the maximum protection out of your tape. So once your tape is on securely, I'd advise chucking some oil on, just on the mid shaft all the way up to the tape, but try not to actually get the tape. As I'm putting the oil on, I'm actually going to go all the way up the pelvis. So you're literally lubricating literally everything.

Now the reason being is, if you do try to move with that pelvic ring, and you've got high amounts of tension and dry skin is either on a dry pelvic ring or dry silicon, well it's not going to be too comfortable, because you're just going to get your skin gripping, and you really just want the skin to be able to slide freely. And the only thing that's going to have the tension is the inside tissues of the penis. Now that's what we want.

So once there, once all lubricated up, you're going to pop on through. Again guys, you don't need the sleeve, but you'll literally just be putting your penis right through the ring as I'm doing here. Now just to make sure that the pelvis ring is sitting right up, I'm actually going to try pull through as much skin as I can. So by the time I am on full tension, that tension isn't necessarily pulling on the skin, it's actually pulling on the internal tissues.

So I'm just going to pull through as much skin as I can, even give it a wiggle, shake up and down. Now once that's set, the silicon actually helps to actually keep the pelvis ring there while you're grabbing and moving around. Notice I can actually shake and everything, and it's not sliding down. Because it is a little bit fiddly, especially when you're standing up like I am, you may want to slide down, so this really helps it.

Now the next step guys is grabbing the LG Hanger chamber. I do actually like to get the remnants or the leftover of oil, so my hands are a little bit oily, and all I'm going to do is just escape on the inside of the chamber. And this is only going to work if the chamber is 100% clean, so make sure to you clean your chamber every single time. And you'll see that I could literally just on in, all I do is give it a few twists around, and I'm pretty much all the way at the end using your vacuum hose and trigger.

Now my preferred pressure is lately around about 15 to start with. If you get your glans right to the end, now the only trouble with having that sleeve slide all the way up, is, obviously it's going to cover the clear acrylic, and the actually see where your glans are. Now as long as your glans are right at the end, you're all good. Now all I like to do is just push down a tad. If I see that it's all there, pump up to 15, all good, I'm going to pull my skin back and simply slide down the sleeve.

Now that oil on the inside, or should I say outside of the sleeve on the chamber, is literally just going to slide down like you've just seen. It's a real, real simple. That pressure still on 15. Now the pressure guys is really dependent on personal preference. Not to mention where you're up to in your penis enlargement journey, especially with any vacuum based devices like the LG Hanger chamber.

But once you're there and you're comfortable, you're all good, you can even have a few warm ups if you want, so stretching out, stretching left.

Now I would advise just staying where you need the springs first. If you even just want to line it up, just say, for instance, if I push the rod system all the way back onto my pelvis, and the springs, well they're going to be pretty loaded by the time I pull those springs backs. So what I'm going to do is under these nuts, get them closer toward the bottom. Just make sure that it's nice and even on both sides. Pull those springs down.

Now what you're going to do ... Now, it's as simple as this guys, all you're going to do is pull the spring down, clip it in, because what you'll find is at the bottom of this little frame at the top that bolts onto the LG Hanger chamber, there's little grooves on the inside of that little frame here. So what I'm going to do is push the spring down, the spring's going to go within the frame, and now I've got pretty adequate tension as it is, which I can just stay there.

Now without actually tightening up these top nuts, you'll find that when you do apply attention, the system's going to want to twist either way. To actually prevent that, what we're going to do is close up these nuts. As you start going down with the top nuts, you'll find that the springs compress, and this actually gives the system a nice lot of rigidity.

So we're good. Now, if I wanted to apply a bit more attention, please note this guys, because I had to find out the hard way. I tried to tighten up the system by just screwing these bottom nuts. Now you can do that, just be wary about how much the springs are actually shortening and coming closer together.

What you want to do is, most likely under the top nuts first, you want to get some gap so that the frame attached to the LG Hanger a chamber isn't actually touching the nuts, okay? So notice how there's a bit of gap. Now what I'm going to do is actually start tightening the bottom two nuts, and I'll actually feel pressure start to pick up.

So almost see it like this. The bottom nuts or thumb nuts are literally for a tension and intensity, and then the top nuts are literally for the rigidity of the device so that it doesn't sway or feel really loose.

Now the way that I like to travel through my routine is, under the top nuts tighten up to a tension that feels adequate for my session, especially when you just start out guys. I would recommend really starting out slow. You want to get to that happy tension. And what I mean by happy tension guys, is, you'll be able to go down, go up, and it's still comfortable, all right? There's not too much pressure.

Now with any vacuum based device guys, you literally want to up the intensity nice and slow, because the glans need time to accommodate. So this is the fantastic thing about the extender. Let's say compared to hanging. If you were to hang, you'd be taking the weights off, putting them back on again, adjusting and trying to incrementally increase the weight, while trying to hold onto the chamber, so you don't lose that accommodation of pressure that the glans have just gone through.

So I like to pretty much get to a tension that I'm comfortable, that I can literally put the device up, down and move it around anywhere I like, and pretty much stand up or even sit down. Now what I'm going to do is meet where the frame is with the top nuts, and now I'm going to wind up and build some tension on the springs, maybe even just half a centimeter. So you'll notice that these are closing up, about half a centimeter, match it on the other side.

Fantastic thing about this device guys is that you can easily see where you're at in terms of movement. You can even set these top rods as kind of like a goal where you want to achieve maybe in the next six months or so.

So, while I've actually adjusted these bottom nuts, now, as I get through my workout or session, as I feel like my glans become accommodated to the pressure within the chamber, all I'm going to do is literally unscrew one, two half turns to make a whole turn. I can feel that pressure increase just a little bit, and then I'll leave it there for maybe another five minutes.

As soon as I feel like my glans are okay and I feel like I can actually go up in intensity again, a full rotation of the nuts, comfortable, good. And I can pretty much keep doing this until my glans either feel uncomfortable, or, I think that I'm at an adequate amount of tension where I can get to a good level of fatigue.

Now detaching guys is as simple as undoing those bottom nuts, due to a point where it feels like the springs are nice and loose and it's always coming off that top frame. And then all I like to do is literally just pull down one side, unclip, pull down the other side of the spring and unclip. And then all you're going to be left with is the chamber, which you simply remove and slide the extender off.

All the best guys. Any questions, let me know. I'll see you in the next video.

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